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Sunday, June 24, 2012

q+a and The Nation review

The Nation

Great opening titles by the way. They are focusing on the asset sales with a brilliant line up of the opposition parties - this is public broadcasting!

It's a pity MANA haven't been invited, they are focused on buying back the assets and have threatened overseas investors (the story was picked up by Bloomberg).

Labour say they can't buy them back, Greens say they can't buy them back - Winston wants to. Great stuff.

The injustice of selling assets we all own to the richest NZers who can afford them because of almost $3billion in tax cuts is the issue here, yet the Greens and Labour are looking very weak by not sending stronger messages on this.

Gareth Hughes is a star and his inclusion on this debate proves it. The Greens desire to green the economy is a strong argument whose time has come, but they would need to have a large Cabinet representation to get any of that through.

Could NZ First, Labour and the Greens really work together? This panel suggested they could. It was surprising.

Colin James is on to talk about the week that was, he looks like the Chancellor from V for Vendetta. He points out that the Government keep changing their justification for asset sales showing they haven't won the argument.

He notes that Mighty River sale will have large over seas interest and that the Government have to get this first sale right.

Interesting story on School philanthropy. Scott Gilmore is a smart chap and he needs to be listened to, it's good that The Nation is giving him a platform.

Piece about Jeremy Wells trying to turn my morning walk zone in downtown Auckland into a bloody Cricket pitch. I love my stroll around one of Central Aucklands few green parks, the idea that we cancel that out for a Cricket venue will go down with locals about as well as The Unauthorized History of NZ did.

Seriously. Fuck cricket. Not in my back yard thanks Jeremy.


I'm boycotting TVNZ this month in the countdown to the killing off of TVNZ7, (todays meeting for Save TVNZ7 is 4pm in Orewa) so won't watch q+a, but I will review it based on what I think they will say and questions asked.

So on this week it's Jim Anderton and Fran O'Sullivan on the Panel. Fran will be ridiculously right wing and Jim will be that conservative style of left wing that doesn't really do anything. That awful Claire Robinson will be on still trying to get a job with the National Party. Her twitter account is called 'spinprofessor' what sort of arsehole calls themselves a spin professor?

She will flip flop around like a nervous Young Nat trying to score an entry level job in John Key's office. It will be cringe worthy viewing.

At least Paul Holmes is not on. Apparently Paul is out of his coma, but how would anyone know, I thought he was legally dead for tax purposes in the 1990s.

They are touching on NZs Greenwash with Amy Adams and Lucy Lawless. The cynicism that nothing will get done at Rio will descend into a plague on all your houses type discussion without any real examination of the science that clearly points to man made pollution causing climate change and the utter lack of leadership our country is playing on that front.

Fonterra are on defending their monopoly position in NZ and why they deserve more. No one will challenge the Gods of Fonterra, I think Q+A are planning a sacrificial virgin while the interview is on.

Toby Manhire from the Baby Boomer Listener will tweet something during the show that only Findlay McDonald, two bloggers at the Standard and Scott Yorke will find amusing. Not so much a circle jerk, as a square jerk.

Isn't it fascinating that in the week the Government rammed through their most controversial asset sales, no peep from those supposedly holding the buggers to account. The content line up on Q+A today ignoring that is a glaring example of why we need a public broadcaster and the new possibility of a TV station starting up from the ashes of TVNZ7 will be glad news for those who yearn for something far better than this.

Did I miss anything out this week?

UPDATE: A response to Scott Yorke:

I don't really want to labour the points of a labour party hack and nothing is as dull as two bloggers throwing tantrums, but dear little Scotty isn't happy with my reference to him in this blog and has posted a whole new post talking about how obsessed I am with him, if you are bored you can read it here. I warn you, he isn't very amusing.

What I find hilarious about his accusations is that while Scotty can hand it out, oh the delicate little flower doesn't like receiving it does he? Scott wrote two fairly obnoxious attacks on me and posted up a fake real estate website with my contact details on it. I didn't respond other than to post my contempt to him and the weak middle class dribble he passes off as cutting satire, but when I make a flippant comment at his expense (which was bloody funny btw Scott), it's all 'oh Martyn is mean to me and he's irrelevant' crap. You can hand it out but don't like it coming back do you Scott? That's pretty pathetic, it was a line in a joke, yet your response is over the top hysterics.

How dare you post up my personal contacts and then promote them on your site, how low and filthy is that? Should I do that to you Scott? Your home details, where you work, where you live on line and goad people into contacting you? You really want to play that kind of game and still claim you are the offended party Scott?

I'm surprised at how desperate Scott is at trying to be relevant, keep it up and he could one day manage to be a low ranking delegate or a producer on Q&A.

Good luck with that Scott.



At 24/6/12 10:09 am, Blogger IXI said...

7 long years without a test match? You can't walk uphill? Albert/Myers/the domain not green enough? Never noticed what game has been played in Victoria Park over summer? Perambulate where and when as is your want, don't slag off anothers' pastime/enjoyment. Had you paid more attention you would know the pitch is the only place you are asked not to tread upon. Jeremy Wells is an insufferable knob.

At 24/6/12 10:13 am, Blogger Sam Hill said...

They had Steven Joyce on..

At 24/6/12 4:50 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Claire Robinson is also an insufferable nob . Her determination to be soulless is exacerbated by the odd fact that you can be educated beyond your intelligence which must surely make her extremely dangerous . When she says things like ' What New Zealand really needs to do ... ' I think Oh fuck no ! Not another one ! ? Have you noticed ? When you go to the dark side , to hideous Whaleoil for example , you see many , many more of ' Thems ' than there are us'es . It's a Tomorrow of ' Thems ' by the looks of it . A barren world of filth and pollution . A dead planet . Soylent Green poured over a naked Paula Bennett . ( Sorry for the mental image guys ) Great thinkers like Associate Professor Claire Robinson
who said courtesy Dominion Post about jonky-stien .
( Massey University political scientist Claire Robinson says he represents values women like. "He's a doting husband, adores his kids. On top of that he's a nice guy." )

How then can this woman be trusted ?

From the film ; Soylent Green 1973

Det. Thorn: It's people. Soylent Green is made out of people. They're making our food out of people. Next thing they'll be breeding us like cattle for food. You've gotta tell them. You've gotta tell them!
Hatcher: I promise, Tiger. I promise. I'll tell the exchange.
Det. Thorn: You tell everybody. Listen to me, Hatcher. You've gotta tell them! Soylent Green is people! We've gotta stop them somehow!

At 25/6/12 12:59 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Interestingly, I don't think you missed much from "Q+A" (or even "The Nation") this weekend, Bomber.

Maybe it was the previous late night and a bit of a fuzzy head (the risks of broadcasting current affairs early on a Sunday morning), but neither current affairs show seemed to really have any... 'spark'?

It was like they were going through the motions.

The debate between Peters, Hughes, and Cosgrove was the highlight of the weekend - the rest has faded from my memory.

At 26/6/12 10:20 am, Blogger Scott said...

Martyn, I don't intend to waste my time responding to most of your post about me.

Just let me put you straight on one thing. As I said on my blog, I didn't put up the Martyn Bradbury Real Estate website. Nor do I know who did. I have nothing to do with the site.

And I would never post someone else's mobile number on a website without their consent. As a lawyer I have more than a passing knowledge of the Privacy Act.

As for promoting that site on my own, I was already getting multiple hits to my site from that site, and I wanted to make it clear I was not responsible for it.

At 26/6/12 10:31 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Scott - you have attacked me twice on your site with entire posts dedicated to me, you've inspired that website AND you promoted the website on yours. It has my contact details on it - how dare you have the audacity to continue playing the victim when you've promoted my personal contact details on your bloody blog.

Not even the right wing bloggers pull stunts like this Scott, why have labour party bloggers like yourself sunk to such lows?

At 26/6/12 11:13 am, Blogger Scott said...

Martyn, I'm not playing the victim. I'm merely refuting an allegation.

Are you going to blame me now because my work inspired someone else?

At 26/6/12 11:28 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Bomber . Excuse me , I'm just going to leap into the fray here . Firstly @ Scott . I wouldn't go around telling people you're a lawyer if I were you . Which reminds me , do you like jokes ? Here's one by Robin Williams . " Did you know that laboratories are now using lawyers instead of rats for their experiments ? They've found that there are some things that even rats won't do . " @ Bomber . As to why some Labour party bloggers have sunk so low . Well , the Labour Party's still down there in the filth and stench coming off the 1980's treachery and thievery years so it's bound to attract flies . I thought David Cunliffe was a lie-buster until he opened his gob further and said the same old blah after a promising start . If our two opposing political parties were from the Light side instead of the Dark side , ( For the want of a better way of putting it ) we'd have a country the envy of the world with a happy , secure and content multicultural society . We do not have any of those things however . More importantly , we're now further from that ideal than at any time in our post European settlement history . @ Bomber , you will be under many microscopes and I'm sure you don't need to be told that . They'll be watching closely for any dirt and if they can't find any , they'll invent it until you prove otherwise , so give them a good show !

At 26/6/12 11:32 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Scott playing the victim is exactly what you are doing, you bitched about a throw away comment I made in this blog and hysterically turned that into an entire post DESPITE you promoting a site where my bloody contact details have been published.

You are so far out of line here it's staggering that you are attempting to justify promoting my contact details on your blog. Jesus, why not admit you went too far and remove the bloody post, because every time we do this little dance I will be pointing out to people your dirty tactics on this.

By promoting my contact details you over stepped the mark Scott and I think you have done yourself a terrible disservice.

At 26/6/12 11:40 am, Blogger Scott said...

Martyn, you should be careful about accusing others of hysteria.

I've made my point. You haven't listened. I don't see any point continuing this debate.

At 26/6/12 11:57 am, Blogger Bomber said...

You publish my contact details on your blog and claim that's me being hysterical? Christ Scott, most lawyers take decades to reach this level of god complex, these are dirty filthy tactics on your behalf and I think you are embarrassed at getting called on it, that's why you are so keen to back out of this debate now.

By the way Scott, has this all played out the way you thought it would champ? You've painted yourself into a corner and have stooped to something not even the right wing would do. Linking to my contact details says more about you than my complaining about it Scott.


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