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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Official documents show ACC tie performance pay to how many claimants they cut off. Public fury about to erupt in 3, 2, 1

When this whole Bronwyn Pullar issue erupted, I said the real story wasn't Nick Smith getting killed by friendly fire, or Boag vs Collins or defamation cases, it was always about how ACC use dispicable tactics to bully claimants into being refused help.

Pullar was attacked by ACC despite her highly placed friends. We now have allegations Collins directed ACC to do this and we now have the devastating proof that ACC tie performance pay to cutting off claimants...

ACC staff paid more for cutting off claimants - Greens
Official documents show some ACC staff have their pay tied to how many claimants they can cut off from receiving their entitlements, the Green Party says.

Now ACC have been outed, how many other social service providers are getting bonuses attached to their pay for cutting people off? WINZ? Housing NZ?

Is this why Paula Bennett is always crowing about how many people she's moved off welfare? Creating a system that bonuses people for eliminating others in need isn't a service, it's a disposal.

These incentives are craven.



At 21/6/12 6:50 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Good God ! What next ? Well , I can tell you . From my own personal experience and from talking to others .

Public Trust . Devious , dilatory , liars .




The ACC and Public Trust fuckers represent the real ' Trickle Down ' . The stinking seepage from Roge Douglas and his festering cronies has rotted it's way to the core .

Well done Tumeke !


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