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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NZ has more of a threat of invasion from Mars than boat people

Live test to expose NZ's asylum seeker shortcomings
New Zealand's shortcomings at dealing with an influx of illegal refugees are expected to be exposed with a live test in Auckland this morning.

Around 100 actors will 'arrive' at Devonport Naval Base this morning, posing as asylum seekers, and will be processed by immigration officials.

Immigration Minister Nathan Guy told TV ONE's Breakfast he hopes the exercise will support his case for new legislation for detaining illegal immigrants.

"Today's exercise is working under the existing law and it will show we have shortcomings," he said.

Yes, shortcomings like the Minister of Immigration Nathan Guy not seeming to have looked at a map recently to notice that between Darwin and NZ is a bloody great big continent and Tasman sea.

This waste of $200 000 to employ unemployed actors and Hobbit extras for a day seems to be as vile an attempt to inject some red neck fear mongering diversions from the woes of the Government as Paula Bennett's appearance on Michael Laws to discuss the benefits of restricting beneficiaries reproductive lives.

This vast use of cash for a glorified 6 week Theatre Sports festival seems to have little connection with reality. Using the illusion of a threat by boat people when the reality is immigrants are trying to get to NZ so they can settle in Australia is a danger so hollow it would be amusing if NZers themselves weren't fleeing en mass to the Gold Coast.

Forget mass detentions of imaginary boat people, shouldn't the Army be training to shut the airports down to stop Kiwis from leaving?

NZ has more of a threat of invasion from Mars than boat people.



At 20/6/12 8:14 pm, Blogger frances jane said...

could it be those boatloads of mum and dad investors from the future they're afraid of?


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