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Friday, June 15, 2012

National to push for US Ship visit

Key wants US Coast Guard visit
Prime Minister John Key says he would like to see the United States Coast Guard return to New Zealand waters.

In our chess game of playing China off against America, I pointed out that NZs smart money might be to push for an Obama visit alongside a ship visit from their Coast Guard. Being a 'white Navy' means none of them are nuclear powered and the symbolism of the visit might pacify America while we allow greater economic activity between us and China.

However, in the wake of the strong arm tactics by America in the Free Trade deal and America's experiment in trying to enforce its jurisdiction into the internet with the Kim Dotcom arrests, America seem hell bent on not taking no for an answer and allowing them any closer to us may create a political gravity impossible to escape.

It's a smart tactical move by Key, but can he keep America from smothering us?



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