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Friday, June 15, 2012

National to now bash beneficiary pets

State housing tenants' pets in doghouse under rule change
Housing New Zealand tenants could face stricter rules on dog ownership as the agency reviews its policy to cut staff time and costs.

The cost and health and safety risks associated with dogs, as well the difficulty with placing dog owners in state houses has prompted the policy review - which has raised concerns that tenants could be forced to give up their dogs.

I've always jibbed that bashing beneficiaries is one of our favorite cultural past times alongside rugby, alcoholism and domestic violence, but the latest brainfart to have a go at beneficiary pets seems a a tad sadistic.

I would have thought the horror roll out of closing branches in favor of an 0800 number that is causing more problems than money it saves would have Housing NZ's attention, oh no.

Apparently it is the pets of beneficiaries that needs a bashing instead.

As Housing NZ attempts to redefine State tenants as well off and kick them out of their current homes to fend for themselves in the rotting hell ruled by the slum lords, the problem Housing NZ faces is that many of the slum lords don't allow pets. This policy seeks to get rid of the pets now so the moving of the State tenants out into the slum lords realm won't be slowed down by headlines of lonely beneficiaries hugging their pet on the front page of the Herald.

Nothing creates sympathy like an animal, while NZers are indifferent to the plight of beneficiaries, they'll declare martial law over the perceived sadness of a pet.

Shouldn't Housing NZ focus on the appalling 0800 service they now provide rather than terrify State tenants who are already frightened by the current purges from losing their pet?



At 15/6/12 8:05 pm, Blogger frances jane said...

This is all Moonbeam's fault...and TVNZ's. You don't see any programmes called "Last Chance Cat" do ya? or "Bird Sanctuary Stakeout", "Feline Freaks"...etc

At 16/6/12 2:06 am, Blogger Schteve said...

Will this mean that property prices will be affected and if so, what will you advise your clients to do Martyn? Should we hold onto our property investments or sell?

Your expertise would be helpful.

At 19/6/12 7:21 pm, Blogger caleb said...

haha moonbeam.


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