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Thursday, June 21, 2012

National + ACT + Maori Party + United Future are traitors

Every NZ Politician who voted last night to sabotage our sovereignty by selling assets are traitors and those in Opposition too gutless to pledge to buy them back are cowards.

A plague of ebola on all their damned houses!

This is nothing less than economic treason to flog off our ability to be financially autonomous to the wealthiest NZers who have already profited from borrowed tax cuts.

What we are witnessing is one of the great swindles of NZ. Electricity prices will soar once shareholders are maximizing profits and the vast sum of cash that will now be vacuumed off overseas by foreign investors will damage our already hemorrhaging current accounts deficit.

How dare National claim they are using the money from these asset sales to build schools and infrastructure, those things are supposed to be paid by taxation, not flogging off assets and spending $400 million on unsustainable irrigation plans for South Island Dairy Farmers.

The reason National can't afford those infrastructure costs is because they lowered the tax rate and borrowed almost $3 billion in tax cuts for the wealthiest. Amputating the States ability to raise funds and redistribute those funds is a right wing fantasy come to life. No need for redistributive policy when there is nothing to redistribute.

As for Peter Dunne, there is a special place in hell for politicians as cretinous as him.

Don't dare forget those who did this to NZ.



At 21/6/12 12:26 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Jesus Bomber ! Are you starting to sound like me or am I starting to sound like you ? Ok . While you have a sharp and well educated mind , I have hysteria and only a vague attachment to reality but really , we could be twins . I love the word ' swindle ' . Say it often enough and it takes on a great ' Harry Potter-esque ' twinkle . It's a pity ' cunt ' does not . It's an unattractive and unfortunate little word but I've always found it useful in emergencies . Which reminds me ... Peter Dunne huh ? Man of much crazy hair . Droop of lip and slithery of nature . Good Christian Man and bearer of Gods Honour . Yeah fucking right . This hideous sell-off disaster ( And decent profit aye Mr Rich Man ? ) is exactly why we need help and maintenance from HRH QE 2 in my humble view . If we had an active relationship between us and them there Queens and shit ( For you Gosman ; ) - jonky may just be being dragged , squealing and mincing up to the executioners block as I write . Now there's a thought to brighten our day . Yes , Little Mr Mincy -Squeak is indeed a traitor but this , in his words perhaps ' What'r ya gonna doaboutit ? Nya nya nya ! Nothin' . That's what . You can't do bugger all losers ."
Just like Russell Norman . I quote our refined and elegant Prime Mincer " Although a good bloke , he knows bugger all about finances ... ( Sniff , sneer! ) . Well , on behalf of Russell Norman ... Fuck you jonky ! You know plenty about finances don't you ? You've made your millions from perversely fiddling around with the money of others and now you won't let is Kiwis enjoy our blind good luck and leave us alone . Your mother would be ashamed of you . What would she think ? Us Kiwis need help and intervention until we get our breath back .

We urgently need a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the relationships between our past and present politicians and our Big , Flash , Fancy , Whoop de doo business LEADERS .

Yes , LEADERS ! They whom LEAD ! Winners ! Big , rich WINNERS ! WHOOOOP YEAH MUTHA FUCKA ! What's that new school system thing them rich WINNERS want to foist on us human losers by the way ?

And another question ; While not wanting to single him out but what the fuck is greasy Terry Serepisos doing back on TV ? Of the nauseating 'NZ Apprentice ' spin off as if the original wasn't evil enough . Is he owed favours ? Does he have powerful political friends ? Not insinuating , just asking .

An undischarged bankrupt . Back on TV . Showing us how he's a WINNER ! HAhahahahah !
All you mums and dads with kids you can't afford to feed or keep warm . Look at this . And it's the tip of a big , ugly fucking iceberg . Swindle . A great word .

Hello ? Queen ? Help ! Help !


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