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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The jailed former Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak, has in the last few hours been taken to a military hospital where he is reported as being critically ill after a stroke. His supporters are denying he is dead.

This is a crucial moment for Egypt. The Presidential election has just taken place with the opposition Muslim Brotherhood candidate looking likely to have won over the pro-military candidate. In the inter-regnum during counting the military have declared they will unilaterally re-write the constitution and decide what the new President can and can't do - basically to continue the military domination of the state. This is another staging point in this long 'Arab Spring'. This form of coup has not been demonstrably opposed yet, but there is a crowd now in Tahrir Square in Cairo - the scene of Mubarak's fall. This is a Live feed via Russia TV.

Selected via Twitter:

Dalia Hosny@DaliaHosny
BREAKING: Hosny just passed away. From a very trusted source at the hospital right now. They still dont want to announce it yet.

Radio Australia News@RANews
Egypt's Mubarak in coma, on artificial respirator: medical source, contradicting state media reports that he is 'clinically dead'

NBC News@NBCNews
Live Video: Crowds assemble in Egypt's Tahrir Square, await word on condition of Hosni Mubarak


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Military regime Egypt, many years


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