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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Media 7 moves to the ghetto

Media 7 programme turning into Media 3
NZ On Air has announced that the media affairs programme Media 7 will be moving to TV3 from the soon-to-shut down TVNZ 7.

Media 3, as the show will now be called, will move to TV3 on Saturday mornings in August. The programme premiered on the commercial-free TVNZ 7 network, which is ceasing broadcast on June 30.

Dear Russell Brown calls this 'a validation of what we've done these past five years,', which is one way of viewing it. Another way would be seeing it as the usual barest contempt mainstream TV views public broadcasting. Nestled between fundamentalist TV evangelists and infomercials on a Saturday morning is hardly the bench mark for high priority content is it?

There's another word for this, and it's ghettoization. On TVNZ7 Media 7 had an adults timeslot for adults, Saturday morning is the sort of timeslot you get when the network doesn't really give a toss isn't it?

Nice to see NZ on Air rushing in to pat itself on the back. Maybe they should call themselves NZ off Air? A show as clever and intelligent as Media 7/Media 3 deserves an actual timeslot, this is a compromise that isn't.

Is the best NZ on Air really offering us in terms of public broadcasting a ghettoization of content on a Saturday/Sunday morning?

If that's their goal, they're not exactly aiming for the stars any more are they?

The next Save TVNZ7 meeting is in Takaka this Sunday. Last nights meeting in Hamilton was standing room only.

17th June 5pm Takaka, Golden Bay
18th June 7pm Masterton
22nd June 7pm Auckland North Shore
24th June 4pm Orewa
25th June 7pm South Auckland
26th June 7pm West Auckland



At 14/6/12 7:40 pm, Blogger Ardbeg said...

I understand that TVOne Plus 1 is already testing, presumably on Sky's transponders, on Optus D1
12.295H SR 22.500. No sign of it on Freeview as yet.
Just another step in the unfolding tragedy.


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