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Thursday, June 21, 2012

MANA threaten overseas investors not to buy assets - Bloomberg pick up on the story

Bryce Edwards makes the point that left wing parties should be far more staunch about buying assets National sell back. He points out that NZ First has suggested this while the Greens and Labour are far too weak to, but Bryce misses that MANA have already done this and actually have sent an open letter to overseas investors threatening them not to buy that was actually picked up by Bloomberg.

Why no one in the mainstream media have noticed this is utterly beyond me. How can Bloomberg pick up on this yet our own local media miss it?

Here's Hone's Letter...

Open Letter To Overseas Investors
Thursday, 8 March 2012, 8:30 am
Press Release: Mana Party
MANA Leader and New Zealand Member of Parliament for Te Tai Tokerau Hone Harawira 8th March 2012

Tena koutou katoa

Greetings to you all
The New Zealand government is proposing to sell shares in five State Owned Enterprises (Air New Zealand and four energy companies, Mighty River Power, Meridian Energy, Genesis and Solid Energy) to repay overseas debt.
That proposal is opposed by an overwhelming majority of New Zealanders who believe that:

Assets built up through the hard work of generations of New Zealanders should not be sold to investors whose primary objective is not the public good, but private profit;

Privatisation will remove any ‘social responsibility’ from companies who until now have been responsible to government ministers;

Electricity assets in particular, should be held by the government on behalf of all New Zealanders, for the benefit of all New Zealanders, at a price we can afford;

The government should hold and manage those assets for the benefit of all citizens of this country.
As the indigenous people of Aotearoa, Maori have been even stronger in their opposition. The Maori view is that no asset sales should proceed until Maori interests in those assets have been properly addressed.
Maori have already made application to the Waitangi Tribunal to block the legislation. A separate case is before the High Court. Steps are being taken to take the case to the United Nations (under the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples) and Maori groups have pledged to take action against sales to overseas interests which impact on our sovereignty.
In a related case, following months of public protest, the High Court has called on the NZ government to reconsider a decision to approve the sale of farm land to overseas interests.
So today I think it only proper to send a warning to overseas investors - steer clear of any share offer in the above SOE’s. The purchase of these shares is likely to see you caught up in legal battles and direct action from citizens determined to protect their own interests, both of which will be lengthy and costly and have an adverse impact on the value of your investment.
As the leader of the MANA Movement and Member of the New Zealand House of Representatives, I wish to advise that MANA is opposed to the privatisation of state assets and will strongly argue for any shares sold to overseas investors to be returned to New Zealand hands.
You have been warned...
Hone Harawira

...and here's Bloomberg, one of the largest financial news sites in the world picking up on it.

The fact that none of this is gaining any traction in the mainstream media is obvious. They are all eying up the $120 million spin money coming their way to advertise and promote the sales in a couple of months time, the Mainstream media won't discuss these issues because it's their bottom line advertising margin for the next quarter that will be hurt.

The deafening quiet from the mainstream media today as pointed out by my co-blogger Tim Selwyn shows why we need a public broadcaster.



At 21/6/12 3:43 pm, Blogger Frank said...

It is outrageous that the MSM have not reported this story.

Bomber, not only do we need a public broadcaster - but thank the gods for the Internet and Blogs!!

At 21/6/12 3:57 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Damn good stuff!. I;m currently watching parlyarmint with Greens, NZ First and Labour (in what is probably akin to a Prince Philibuster) waffle about separating portions of "MOM" - all with good reason.
The thing is though that come a change of gubbamint, the repeal of this bill in toto effectively gives us the status quo ANTE.
Let the fukkers pass it as is. The challenge then is for Labour, Greens, Mana, and NZ First to repeal it (in toto).

Theoretically it actually makes reversal a damn sight easier.
It's not as though potential shareholders haven't adequately been informed of pitfalls but on a repeal, any SOE "sold" is effectively owned by the Crown.
All that would remain following repeal would be a retrospective to do with any silly fukker that chose to invest.

Btw...there are probably a host of other bills during the past two terms that could simply be repealed, after all we know whar a waste of ideological space and opportunism the past 3 years have been (many were once in doubt simply seeking change from a nanny-state, but have/and are coming to realise) that THIS state is not only nanny, but fascist-nanny

At 21/6/12 4:03 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Oh PS....as I watch, I note the
Chair has just stated that "The Bulls are set down for the next sutting day"
Bull it is, no question!,
But next on the agenda is a NACT larfing stock: Juda (Crusha) Colns - mutton dressed up as lamb is the most charitble description, but one who'll be rendered at least obscure in the near future (because follwing all her acc bluster and bullshit, that's exactly where she'll want to be).

At 21/6/12 4:24 pm, Blogger Tim said...

And just one other thing while I'm about it and approaching my dotage - all the while worrying about my offspring's future:
Those that have participated in this asset sale fraud (BUT ONE example of a participants in a democratic deficit), actually need to be penalised - that is suffer some sort of loss - so that we don't KEEP repeating this ridiculous cycle over and over. It's not as tho; we haven't been here efore.
WHEN Labour grow balls, they'll realise that (and I'll maybe vote for them again).
Meantime they seem to want to retain that "Jim Mora" NatRad "Nice" under a Shearer.
Earth to Labour - atonement in the form of acknowledgement of past fuck ups circa 1987 and beyond, is NOT actually enough!). Put your fucking MONEY where your MOUTHS are.
You know....I walked past Grant Robertson the other day in New World - collecting for a food bank. ALL GOOD.
I've seen (and actally made my feelings known to a Curran at a Vic Uni Bus Stop re PSB).

PLEASE Labour, GROW SOME FUCKING B-A-L-L-S and make yourselves somethig me, my friends, and others might feels comfortable with voting for.
There have been a couple of speeches lately that indicate you are getting there, but at least give the author of them some better support publicly.

At 21/6/12 7:20 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Tim . Well said ! @ Bomber . Well done . @ Frank . I agree . @ Main Stream Media . Heeere Kitty , kitty , kitty ! Isn't that how you call greedy , lazy , scardie cat pussy's . @ Hone Harawira . I take back what I've said about you not having the spine for a stoush . I was wrong . My sincere apologies .

At 22/6/12 10:54 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

Why buy them back? The army has to be good for something.

At 23/6/12 12:51 am, Blogger peterquixote said...

peterquixote said...

Within Bryce's column today on asset sales we have this :
"If you oppose the sale, will you commit to buying back what is sold?
New Zealand First has announced that it would indeed do exactly that "

Why is it that new Zealand Media have decided to vilify a party who can give straight forward answers to straight forward National problems. And New Zealand television idiot sits there and takes all this in . Die NZ TV Media.

That is 60% of new Zealanders oppose asset sales but Labour, and Green will not guarantee to buy back.
Poof to Green and fuck you Labour centrist nothing and where is your guts.
No guts slithering dribbling left wing

At 23/6/12 10:26 am, Blogger countryboy said...

The thing with electricity , as I understand it is that if one were to switch it off , it would not flow . Am I wrong ? Extrapolate that complex concept out to the greater range of proposed state asset sell-offs and see ! See Crafar Farms . That land cannot go anywhere unless you account for the fact that , that land is stuck to Earth and Earth itself revolves along a path around a thermo-nuclear explosion , therefore , yes . Crafar Farms is going somewhere . But it aint China . Some of the profits from any farming enterprise on Crafar Farms however will go to China as will the profits from the sale of our other stuff including Sate Owned Power Companies . Therefore etc etc , blah blah ! To summarize . Just say no . Turn off the supply . But who's going to do that ?

I wonder just how many NZ'rs would pass over their youngest child to a Government Official for ' medical experiments ' if that official turned up at your door in a fluro vest with a clip board and a big van ? From the looks of things , I'd say quite a few .
Here's a script idea ;

' I s'pose they have to experiment on someone Aye ?
[Looking back inside , over his shoulder ]
Awww fuck man ! The games back on ! Off you go son .
[ Turning to official ]
So , is that it then ? '

In my humble view , the real issue here is not the sale of assets , it's not the anemic state of the Media , it's not cold hungry kids , it's not a vandalized education system nor health , public transport or hospitals . The really , really serious question is how the fuck do they do it ? How do they talk us out of the very trousers we stand up in ? We complain while some stroll about shouting and waving placards . I , myself have signed petitions and thought " right ! Job done ! " Despite the polite argy bargy , what is it exactly that means [they] get clean away with our shit not to mention other audacious and greedy acts of piracy and treason . We and us and yours and mine go without while they , [ Them ] holiday in Florida , or Hawaii with jonky-stien . Is there not a trained psychologist reading Tumeke who can explain that to me ? Fucking creepy Nigel Latta got a Queen Thingy for telling [ them ] how to do it to us . We now need an anti-Nigel Latta to tell us how to UN-do it . @ Ovicula . I think you're onto something ! Seriously . I nice coup . I reckon jonky would look good under arrest for treason . His mincing would go down a treat in Mount Eden .


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