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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

John Key to privatize the continental shelf

There hasn't been a hell of a lot of focus on the (EEZ) Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf (Environmental Effects) Bill. It's National's latest attempt to ram through without much scrutiny more privatization, this time the Government is taking the continental shelf of NZ so that Iwi can't counter claim. They are seizing this land to ease overseas investors that they don't need to fret over any slowing court action to start prospecting for deep sea drilling.

This has everything to do with privatizing the ocean while putting our environment at risk from the unpredictable dangers of deep sea oil drilling. This is legislation for big corporations while ignoring the Treaty and our environmental concerns.

I used to joke that the National Party would privatize the continental shelf of NZ if they thought they could get away with it. To my genuine surprise, the buggers are actually trying it on for the benefit of Big Oil.



At 12/6/12 4:08 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Well maybe the true test of an alternative gubbamint will be to Drivatise (oops, sorry DE-privatiZe) it.
There'll be all those fukwits (like a Hyde or two, characterising it as "Nationalising: it - doesn't have to be. But in any event, those indulging in the privatiZation process can't exactly moan when a change occurs that recognises who actually owns what's being "proivatoiZed".
When the shit eventually hits the fan, they actually should count themselves lucky that history doesn't repeat - or they'd be hawke meat dangling from the nearest lamppost.
Still, so far .... smile and wave ..... smugness....aspiration and hope - when push comes to shove - not very reliable attributes I'd rely on if I classed myself amongst the nouveau riche

At 12/6/12 9:47 pm, Blogger frances jane said...

Umm, big sporting fixture co-inciding with unexpected legislation...urgency under gymnastics I'd call it

At 13/6/12 3:28 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Tim and Frances - Jane . Haha ! Great stuff . Has anyone seen a doco called ' Who Killed The Electric Car ? ' The story and all it's ramifications is really quite bizarre . I liken the impact of the doco to being in a room full of people when fire breaks out suddenly everybody is panicking and running around screaming . But over there ...beside a large double opening door which clearly leads to safety , there's a fireperson shouting ' Come out this door ! Come out this door to safety ! ' But no one does . People stop and listen . They look past the fireperson , they discuss their options and they decide to just continue to run around in circles panicking and eventually they all die in the fire . They couldn't see the way out because they were taught not to look . jonky will sell access to the sea bed to allow the same Corporates to suck out oil as those responsible for killing the brilliant General Motors Electric car . That car was fast , efficient and unbelievably cheap to maintain and they were ground to small pieces out in the desert . Only one body shell remains as part of a museum exhibit though stripped of it's internals . Us Kiwi consumer units are caught in a deadly psychological spin .We've become brainwashed by hollow criticism and banal media fear tactics . But wait ! There's more ! There is hope ! Not long ago , I suggested here that the Council of Trade Unions pay a private investigator to research into the relationships between our ' business leaders ' and our past and present politicians . Below is a link to a similar movement taking hold in Spain where investors are chasing a crooked banker to seek restitution . http://youtu.be/iop2b3oq1O0

just keep scrolling down , you'll find it there .
WARNING ! Contains passionate and beautiful dancing women and a man with a great voice . Does not contain rugby in any form . Ole` Bravo !
Ohhh! What a frisson ! Just thinking about what that investigator might find . Arsehole twitching yet roge douglas ? Where's our fucking money ! ?


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