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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

John Key is worth $50 million, let's sell him and not state assets!

The Government have fast tracked their plans to sell off our assets into a global market that won't be scrambling to offer us top dollar for them. Spending $120 million on spin drs to convince us into selling our assets seems audacious considering most opinion polls suggest Key could spend $120 Billion on trying to spin asset sales and the majority of us still wouldn't buy it.

The one thing we can be certain off is the spike in power prices once shareholders are calling the shots and rapaciously demanding a higher and higher profit margin. Opposition Parties must use every filibuster trick in the book to drag this process out, the spurious claims to have a mandate to privatize our assets borders on the comical when one considers the last election was one of the lowest voter turn outs in 120 years.

People voted National in spite of their asset sale plans, not because of them.

Apathy isn't a mandate and austerity isn't an economic policy.

We've already given almost $3 billion in tax cuts to the wealthiest NZers, meaning they are the only ones with the disposable income to buy these shares. Seeing as we are borrowing for those tax cuts, we are effectively subsidizing the richest members of society to buy assets we publicly own.

Rushing these sales through before the Waitangi Tribunal has managed to investigate if their sale contravenes the Treaty provisions is an added insult.

Asset sales are the very definition of peak stupidity.



At 20/6/12 9:39 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Yep . So , what is it that means NZ'rs do nothing to stop this theft ? It is quite literally theft . What is missing here that means people just sit at their televisions and watch this happen ? What mind control ? What psychology ? What is [ it ] that renders us powerless and impotent ? What might ignite mass revolt ? What could push us Kiwis into squaring off and saying ' Enough of this ! No more ! ' . I'm going to be arrogant here and answer my own questions . Firstly . We , as people of a safe and isolated country have always been far too comfortable . Meaning , while we had our heads in the clouds enjoying our blind good luck , our politicians engaged the media to keep our minds clouded while they ripped us off . Secondly ; How then to ignite a revolt . Well , luckily for them and unfortunately for us , we have no leadership worth a hoot because that'd do it . Instead , we have fancy pants politicians brown-nosing monied psycho's . We have no Leadership ! Jonky , Shearer , Banks , Norman , Harawera . These people are not leaders . They have no spine for it . They're tacticians and sneaks . They're ' behind-closed-door people . Not , here's my heart and passion people . Our Leaders are cowards and cheats and we let them tell us , indeed direct us to accept them selling off our stuff for their elitist friends to profit from . And we just sit on our arses and hope there's a few dollars left after the looting . Our beautiful land , us amazing people are being wasted , used and abused like animals . We need a bipartisan collaboration to boot out those greedy , off- shore investors and simply pull the plug on them . Why not ? What would happen ? Would Goldman Sacks go to war on us ? Would the off-shore owned banks send in drones to kill us off ? Fuck them ! We don't need them . We don't actually need much more than we can produce here . We're brilliant ! We have huge resources here . Fuck the Banks ! Fuck the foreign Investors ! Fuck jonky ! Fuck them all !

Right . I'm off to take my medications .

At 20/6/12 7:07 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Yep, the apparent cynicism of this government is as bad as I can remember. It makes me yearn of the good old days of Muldoon. Tragically, I'm being serious. John Key the worst possible leader for the current (dire) situation.

At 20/6/12 8:29 pm, Blogger frances jane said...

Well said, countryboy. They did it in Iceland, with a referendum, I believe. The only problem I can see is though Bomber, is who exactly would want to buy jonkey or shares in his corporation/f. trust? would mum and dad at windsor need a new court jester? I don't think the pay's huge

At 20/6/12 11:13 pm, Blogger Tim said...

maybe we give NZFirst the party vote - as NRT points out, they profess to effectively take back the assets. More power to them. Opportunity missed (so far) Greens and Labour (and indeed Mana). I:m certainly willing - and I would do so in the knowledge that they also have an appreciation of the value of PSB,
Shame they don't feel the need to ditch their attitude that borders on the racist but from most "ayshuns" I've spoken to (including hose already ensconsed here with PR - and including someone that could loosely be described as a partner), like most eRections, one nowdays has to pick the lesser of two or more evils.
Let's rank the most evil though - in order of what effectively amounts to fascism.
ACT - All associated with it
NAT - Key (as Leader), but Bennet, Tolley, Parata, Brownnose, English, and a quite a few others. Shame others haven't grown balls (like Finlayson)
Dunne -draw your own conclusions - his electorate already has and they're not based on the inadeqaucies of his hair stylist!

.....in short, I'd rank NZ First way way way behind Merril Lynch (or namw your Big-Bank_Name) First.

As NRT suggests - time for others to step up to the plate. So far i've made the decision of a lifetime. It gives a Labour candidate the electorate, and NZF (tho I anmm crunging) the Party.


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