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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hekia Parata's handling of League Tables makes ACC look competent

Oh, so National want to now use National Standards to create league tables after all do they? When National first suggested these academically questionable standards in 2008, the immediate criticism was that National would use them to create league tables. National swore that wasn't their intent.

Apparently now it is. The deception behind National Standards is startling in the wake of the Governments back down over larger class room sizes. What is it about degrading public education that excites the right so much?

Internationally renowned educationalist, Professor John Hattie has advised the Government that National Standards could be the worst thing to ever happen to NZ Public Education, yet this Government continues to push ideology to help the private education industry over and above the public education system.

Interesting that National are so keen to try and hold Hattie up as their justification for larger class room sizes, but won't listen to him on National Standards.

These academically questionable Standards have always been about creating a false competition model by creating league tables based on these flawed rankings. This isn't about the child's ability to read and write, it's about implementing free market ideology into education while ignoring the empirical evidence.

When Key says 1 in 5 children are failed by our education system, he's using old data, the number is closer to 1 in 20 and we are ranked 6th in the OECD. The rest of the world holds our education system up in envy, this Government are hell bent on dismantling it.

The negative impacts of National Standards in education makes Aucklands Public Transport network look like a fleet of gold plated bullet trains built with precision German engineering.

Hekia Parata's handling of Education makes ACC look competent.



At 20/6/12 12:24 am, Blogger bsprout said...

Bomber, we were ranked in the top five, but since National took power our ranking is dropping towards the level of the countries we are now emulating. We did have a broad curriculum, but now with an overly enthusiastic focus on literacy and numeracy we see our achievement in science dropping. We have a world leading Technology curriculum but with all the advisors sacked we won't be able to develop the professional knowledge to teach it properly. It's down hill from now on!


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