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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Going, going...

The grubby privatisation of state assets is about to reach its legislative denoument. Next step will be the likes of the former National Cabinet Minister, Simon Power - now working for Westpac private bank - to start the troughing.

The third and final reading of the euphemistically named "Mixed Ownership Model" Bill is going through now.

Via Twitter:

Grant Robertson@grantrobertson1
Man in Peter Dunne mask giving us the fingers was escorted from public gallery as debate began. Or at least I think it was a mask....

Keep Our Assets@KeepOurAssets
Govt. is spending at least $120 million in fees to merchant bankers to sell our assets that return an average $312m per year

Sue Moroney@suemoroney
A National Day of Shame. The Nats rush the law to 3rd reading to sell-off profitable state assets. They say its about debt but keep tax cuts

New Zealand Labour@nzlabour
We could spend the $120m it is going to cost to sell the assets on far better things. Like education. -

New Zealand Labour@nzlabour
More signatures have been collected in Ohariu than any other electorate

Jacinda Ardern@jacindaardern
Listening to Tony Ryall try and justify asset sales for the last time. Torture.

Sue Moroney@suemoroney
Peter Dunne gives all New Zealanders the fingers when he votes for state asset sales in about 1 hour.

Keep Our Assets@KeepOurAssets
Cosgrove: "Treasury officials told to write dept. report before all submissions were heard, Govt, blocked release of minutes proving so."

Elizabeth Marvelly@MarvellousMusic
, where are you? Where are your voices? Why aren't we uniting to stop the sale of our future?


At 27/6/12 2:00 am, Blogger Frank said...

Today was a day of shame...


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