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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Forced sterilization or forced abortions - what exactly does Paula Bennett want to do to women now?

The right wing have a torrid fetish for the sex lives of poor people and beneficiaries. Paula Bennett seems to spend all day long fantasizing about how she can meddle in the sex lives of those less fortunate than her. It's reminiscent of how the SIS would spy on the sex lives of Green Party members because apparently who Keith Locke was getting it on with was a national bloody security interest.

What I love is that for a public who reared up on their hind legs and bleated Nanny State at the closing of a legal loop hole that was allowing basher parents to get away with assault by claiming 'discipline', we don't seem to have much to say on the long term contraception methods aimed at those promiscuous women who seem to hold the myopic focus of the right.

It seems it's only 'nanny state' when what the state is proposing is directed at us, if it's aimed at someone else, it's legitimate social policy. How contemptuous of us.

So now as National start to melt down from the weight of their unpopular neo liberal agenda to flog off our assets and cripple public education, out comes Paula just in time for a new round of savage bennie bashing that will hopefully rally the rednecks back to the cause.

How contemptuous of her.

Bennett's new attack is to have the State decide which woman can give birth and which ones can't. Note the existing laws allow for the State to intervene and remove a child if the State sees evidence of abuse, but these powers go well beyond that, Paula wants to pass law that will see the State decide the woman is guilty of pre-crimes and simply ban them from being allowed to have children altogether.

Would there need to be a Non-breeder tax code

So what is Paula seriously suggesting here? Forced sterilization? Forced abortions or taking the child seconds after the birth?

How the bloody hell is something this draconian about to enter NZ Parliament?

How does one respond to such outright fascism?

First, women don't 'breed for business' - as the academic research shows, women with limited choices take the only ones available and self affirming. You want women in poverty to breed less? Give theme some bloody options that go beyond the deprivation they've been forced to live in.

Second, let's be clear, this has nothing to do with protecting children or women. Putting legislation as controversial as the State deciding if a woman will commit a pre-crime and can't have a child, goes well beyond what the current law allows and it is nothing more insidious than political class baiting at a time when the Government is under pressure. It is divisive and fascist and has no place in our political culture.

Third, There were 148 removals of children from mothers within days of birth last year due to risks and evidence surfacing through the appropriate channels that led the State to intervene, those safeguards are working most of the time, but to use the exceptions to the rules that do get through as justification to remove a women's ability to have children for ever is a draconian move too far and a power we never want to give to the State.

This new move by Bennett to allow the State to have the power to decide if a women can no longer have children is nothing more than a divisive attempt to curry favor with an electorate rapidly getting sick of National. It's as cynical as Muldoon was when he split the country over the Springbok tour and twice as evil. Doubt me? Where did Paula decide to float this gem of policy? None other than Michael Laws talk hate radio show, the most reactionary conservative tub thumper in the country.

Paula Bennett isn't doing this to save the kiddies, she's doing out to blow the redneck dog whistle and save her job.




At 6/6/12 3:13 pm, Blogger mel said...

When I heard Paula Bennett on the radio, I thought it must be joke. The national party can't be in that much trouble they are whisking up more red-neck side-shows.

Then I remembered the mess that public education is post budget. $3 million over two years to private Whanganui Collegiate, $500,000 (a year? ) and higher staff ratios to the public Wanganui City College.

It just gets worse and worse.

At 6/6/12 5:37 pm, Blogger Frank said...


When Bennett came up with the contraception BS for solo-mums (but never solo-dads), it was during some bad economic indicators being made public.

Funny how the Nats come up with this quasi-fascist stuff when they're not doing so well in the polls...

At 6/6/12 5:59 pm, Blogger chinook said...

As a disabled person I find this whole idea scary. This is eugenics / fascism. I heard Paula Bennett dismissing Sue Bradford's arguments against this policy as "overdramatising" this afternoon, but it would be so so simple to bring in a law banning certain groups from having children, and then just quietly extend those provisions by regulation, without any oversight. After all the disabled / unmarried / diabetic et.c are an economic cost to the country.Nazis in sheeps' clothing .

At 6/6/12 6:31 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Well, we would expect a prudent visionary politician like our Paula should already be preparing for the post-Orwellian future, and that lands you right at, yep, you guessed it, Aldous Huxley.

At 6/6/12 7:04 pm, Blogger Jeremy List said...

Bomber: do you have a link to Bennett's exact words? It will be useful for trolling some Nats I know.

At 7/6/12 1:39 am, Blogger BobbyD said...

I read the article and thought that her ideas actually actually sounded very reasonable. Goes to show Godwins law is still alive and kicking though.

The best thing we can do for, but especially for abusive parents and their victims, is to the kids the chance their parents never had and break the cycle.

At 7/6/12 10:47 am, Blogger Fern said...

Judging by the cases that get into the news, it's much more likely to be a male who shows violence towards a child. But Bennett's finger-wagging targets the frightened, abused mother. WTF?

At 9/6/12 9:53 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ BobbyD . Forget fixing a broken 'cycle' . That's not going to happen . It'd be like fixing a death or fixing a beheading . We should instead look at what and who did the breaking . We need to root out the rot in the foundations of Our House . roger douglas is still scuttling around in the ACT party offices . Doleful Palmer ? Big Mikey moore ? Jimbo Bolger is still in politics is he not ? shipley is a leader in the rebuild of Christchurch hahahahahahahahah ! ! ! don ' breaker ' brash , the dirty bony old Breaker . I bet he loves to stuff his Y fronts with hundred dollar bills . Those dirty scheming fucks are still sucking at our shriveled tax payer tits and I have yet to see anyone have a go at them . I say we invite them into an ally and ask them to fucking explain themselves nice and old school like . fat cunt bennett's just scattering chaff to distract us hobbits , that's all she's doing so don't worry about her right now . Identify our abusers and drag them to justice because they're still in there , doing harm and creating our private prison fillers . Go and knock on roger ' the dodger ' douglas' mansion door and ask him where our money is , just be careful not to stand in pig shit . Is it true ? The Pork Board can place me under surveillance with not much more that a signature from a JP ? Hahahahahahahahahh ! ! ! Aldus Huxley must be jogging around his coffin

At 9/6/12 10:05 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Fern . This is for you .
And remember , as unpalatable as the thought is to this ' male ' ; Paula Bennett is a woman of sorts . bennett's agenda has nothing to do with gender or of even some wicked sex/gender bias . Her agenda is one of power . Not that I'm a christian of any kind though I'd like to see an amendment to the Lords Prayer . God help and protect us from the wily ways of the psychopath .


At 9/6/12 2:21 pm, Blogger Tim said...

@ Countryboy - like your style. Pragmatic, fishnt n fective.
Problem is, they wouldn't have the guts to show up in a dark alley OR anywhere else - including a civilised MSM debate, let alone anything resembling the 4th Estate.

I'm waiting to see expressions in the news on how the "left" is becoming vicious and personal in its attacks on people - which would be like pots and kettles.

Is there an academic out there somewhere that would like to do some "research" - a "content analysisi" maybe? - oh no that's right - I forgot, there's no money cos there's only enuff to cover a treasury consultant's per diem (going forward)

Its tempting to give them a head start by stating what a complete muppet Farrar is, riding on a perception that he has some sort of disability that we should all make allowances for, 'Fraid not - apart from the obvious speech impediment -that's how the muppet is. Vicious Enough fellas? I hope so because I'd hate to get started on how FUGLY Paula Bennett is - in spirit, mind and body


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