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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Government announcement today: "New home for Treaty of Waitangi."

From the contemptuous way the NZ government treats and cheats the meaning of it instead of honouring it, perhaps its new home is going to be a rubbish skip? Have Joyce and English taken it upon themselves to dump it - and all our other constitutional relics - into a rubbish bin so they can lease out the vault? ... sounds plausable, but thankfully no:

Internal Affairs Minister Chris Tremain confirmed today that New Zealand’s founding document, the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi, will be relocated from its current home in the Archives New Zealand building to the newly refurbished National Library building in Wellington.

I know this is a time of austerity and there are supposed to be efficiencies with mergers, but what is the bet that Wellington has not actually suffered any cut-backs at all when the aggregate government spend in the capital is totalled?


At 13/6/12 1:56 am, Blogger Pete said...

The National Library and Archives NZ combined have suffered a 10% cut in this year's budget. Down from $93 mil last year to $84.4 mil this year.


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