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Monday, June 25, 2012

Cunliffe's 3rd speech - Labour out apocalypse the Greens

The tension has been building between the Greens and Labour for the last couple of months, and boiled over this week by the Greens success over ACC and Grant and Kennedy's rumble over trips to Rio.

At some point Labour was going to have to address the plucky new Green challenger, and what they've managed to come up with is pure political ballet at it's most chess like.

Cunliffe's third True Labour speech has gone far further than the Greens have in highlighting the looming environmental crises of living beyond our biospheres ability. Cunliffe was far more environmentally apocalyptic than the Greens, he accepts the problems are dire and fundamental changes need to occur.

Labour are appealing to those voters who didn't vote and whom were flirting with the Greens. Labour are reasserting a social justice agenda onto environmentalism in a move that is framed within a looming crises narrative.

Welcome to life raft NZ.

It will take some time to resonate, but this speech will be well received for those looking for an adult debate that acknowledges the realities within which we need to work.

If Cunliffe takes this speech on the road, it will create a life of its own.

Climate change and resource depletion were Green mantra until the suburban make over, now they don't mention it for fear of invoking images of stoned fringe hippies. Labour can pick up the issue and have a far wider debate without any of those traps.

These speeches for Labour by Cunliffe are some of the best political speeches this year.

This speech manages to out apocalypse the Greens - their strategists will find this very difficult to counter without risking the conservative veneer. Very clever tactics by Labour.



At 25/6/12 1:07 pm, Blogger bsprout said...

It's wonderful to see this shift from Labour in accepting the environmental threats confronting us. It is just a pity that they couldn't show the strength of their commitment by sending someone to Rio. This is a global problem and needs global solutions and even if one feels we are fighting a losing battle at an international level at least having a presence and making an effort means something.

The Green Party have also learned from experience that spreading the message of doom and gloom has impact to a point but there is much more to be gained by focussing on the solutions.

For the last forty years, the Values Party and the Greens have been saying much that is in Cunliffe's speech and rarely hit above 7% in the polls, once we started talking about what we can practically do to bring about real Green Change, we shot up to over 10%.

What we see is elements within Labour following the same philosophical journey that the Greens have already completed and I can see a powerful future government when we can share this common understanding to implement the changes necessary.

At 25/6/12 1:45 pm, Blogger Tim said...

See a previous comment, but ..... when Labour actually DO grow some balls, they'll become (at least "charitable" enough) to give this guy a little more support - and in so doing they'll buy back many disillusioned voters - many of whom long since ditched them.
I'm sure David Shearer is a very "nice" guy. So is Jim Mora and that all-rounder "nice" Natrad lady that has issss-yoos - you know the ones I mean - the MSM "experts" - the truly fair and balanced - the "in touch" brigade.
Unfortunately its not actually what Labour need - that department they SHOULD leave to the Greens even if they become tinged with blue.
What is it with Labour ffs?
Are they still reminiscing about what a great person HC was?
NRT has just pointed out the pure evil of some Nat policy (I have a bit more I might rave on about in the not too distant - to do with the corporatisation of our Public Service, lies, cowrards, politically correct appointments, security risks et al. - its just that I don't know where to begin - since that corporatisation). I mean ..... should it be the 99% of Public Servants that work IN SPITE of their senior managements rather than BECAUSE of them?, or should it be how they manipulate budgets in order to produce "deliverables" and KPI's and all such kaka in fear of their jobs, OR should it be how those mid/snr mgmnts in the Public Sector operate as feifdoms without regard for whether they're SOE's, or Crwn Owned Enterprises or whether they're commercially or socially oriented?
Christ!!! I even heard some former Judge on Natrad this morning suggesting outsourcing certain SocDev functions simply on the basis that the SocDev "minstry" involved doesn't have enough resources.
(This is where children are actually being sexually abused ffs!). I can trace how the corporate mentality that now pervades such agencies of state (supposedly as reps of "the citizen") such that a they recommend a daughter of a gangster should be returned to his custody (to be "educated" - as well as abused, familiarised in the nuances of successful shoplifting, how to score 'yaself' a sugardaddy, how to inflict your presence and sustainability on an NZ Army Base, and a host of other shit - such as transactional sex whilst underage, etc., etc)

Sorry people, but I think we might all be indulging of a kind of surface skimming in the hope that NAct-type policies are the Jiff (with lemon) that will see us right.
Carry on deluding yourselves if that IS the case. (Especially Labour - who incidently were responsible for the political correctness that saw a lying, cowardly, inappropriate and inadequate security risk of a munter escalated into his position of corporate comfort in the public service sector).
Should count their-selves lucky (and their second choice law firm) can't be fucked resurrecting Y2k related evidence from offshore of things like a mid-snr mgmnt asking employees to split invoices and all such.

The thing that's as funny as a fart is where those "sages" trying to effectively bribe and lie have now progressed to. (In one case its the OZ Public Service - not too far adrift from a certain Hawaiian Prince)

Wake up NZ - these are evil people! Some indulge merely out of ego and ambition.
Whatever their reason, the result is the same.

Wake the fuck up Labour!
Grant Robertsons
David Shearers
et al.
BTW, I wonder how big DS's balls would have been had he not had UN support on his conscious? Strum me another Dave! you're not to foul at the Geetar strings - it'll probably be enuff to con an electorate.

At 25/6/12 3:01 pm, Blogger Tim said...

@bsprout - on't be so sure that this is a labour "collective" opinion.
When I see a greater public commitment and affirmation of Cunliffe (regardless of whether OR not they choose to promote him - in terms of a job title) then I might be of a mind to give them a vote come next election.
Meantime I think I've worked out what their problem is. It's simply that lately all they are aspiring to is to be the least worst option.
They COULD be the best option. So could greens, and so could various coalition combinations.
With Labour, it isn't going to happen unless they START actually giving the likes of Cunliffe greater support.
They should probably also ditch that idea that once state owned assets are gone "they are gone forever".
Actually, NO they aren't, but that's fast becoming NZ's least concern of a number of worries.


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