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Friday, June 08, 2012

Citizen A online now: David Slack & Claudette Hauiti

Issue 1: Has National underestimated smaller class sizes? Was Hekia set up?

Issue 2: Stopping abusers and killers from having babies - Child protection or divisive bennie bashing for political gain

Issue 3: The Greens hold their party conference in the weekend, what are the challenges facing them taking a serious role in any Government post 2014? 

Citizen A broadcasts 7pm Thursday Triangle TV



At 8/6/12 4:54 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Just 2 things I "would" ask Bomber (just as aside...
First: Has Steven Joyce ever had the guts to front up on Backbenches
Second: Has the Proim Minsta ever fronted on Beckbenchas (sober or otherwise)
Third: Who left the oven on last night?


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