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Friday, June 01, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Students occupy Auckland Central Police Station - is this Greek enough for you Bill? (UPDATE)

As a direct counter reaction to the Police bashings on Symonds Street, the rough arrest of students and the assault and knocking down of a lecturer addressing the students - social media alerted more students to start a protest march down Queen street to stop traffic on the corner of Victoria St and Queen st...

...Police tried to block Queen street with a phalanx of Police in front of and behind the students, they were angry and desperately trying to use heavy handed tactics to control the situation. The fact that it was this action that enraged students to begin with seems to have missed the grunts on the street...

...the protesters slipped past them and went through the mid city mall onto Elliots street where another Police Phalanx waited for confrontation, but because of the mobile tactics, they had to run off and re-form again. Oh it was a fun game of cat and mouse and the Police were becoming terribly frustrated...

...there will be anger by Police leadership that this got so out of hand. Students protesting is one thing, freaking the central city out with phalanx of marching Police is another. Next it was to invade and occupy Sky City...

...and then the cherry on the top, the occupation of the Auckland Central Police Station...

...is that Greek enough for you Bill?

It was the Police heavy handed actions that started this, and the next blockade will be larger and angrier. Well done Auckland Police. 43 students arrested and the anger at Police violence is astounding - their tactics will cause a backlash.


Dear old Cameron Slater seems to have missed his blue pill for his mental health issues and has gotten angry again. His attempts to twist my comments to make a point that isn't there is well documented: Cameron Slater (a convicted criminal) lied about Jim Anderton saying an earthquake would be needed for him to lose the Christchurch Mayoralty race; lied about Chris Carters dead mother using a tax payer cell phone; called for Cornelius Arie Smith-Voorkamp to be shot in the stomach so that he would die slowly and in pain before his autism was revealed and now he's claiming that because I noted a lack of Police presence in Queen street contributing to drunken violence then that means I am a hypocrite when Police beat and arrested 43 students on Friday.

The pure simplistic bullsit of what Cameron spews and the gutter sewer comments in his comments segment is the very definition of trash hate mongering. Even the National Party recognize the danger he and Simon Lusks 'dark agenda' pose the country.

I've never understood why someone with as many well publicized mental health issues like Cameron Slater also has as many guns as Cameron Slater has. Shouldn't someone with that many mental health issues not have guns?



At 1/6/12 10:38 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Where were these fucking students when our Crony Capitalism Government bailed out South Canterbury Finance? What, didn't the intellectual cream of NZ understand that the $500M cost for that atrocity would have to come from somewhere - quite possibly them? I weep for our country.

At 1/6/12 11:52 pm, Blogger Bob said...

There's only one option left when you're left with a culture of breadcrumbs; so sickeningly unreal it just isolates and alienates us.

There's a reason you say "life's weird" without really knowing why.

All we have left that cuts across class, ethnicity, age, gender... is collective action. We are not just students.

Join Us
Join Us
Join Us.

It will do your soul some good. I guarantee it.

At 2/6/12 2:38 am, Blogger gazzamuso said...

This is so awesome. Obviously the police brutality isn't, but the students fighting back is. It's time NZ joined countries like Canada and US in getting a real protest movement going!


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