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Friday, June 01, 2012

#blockadethebudget [UPDATE]

-Pic: Daniel Haines via Twitter (cnr Symonds St & Grafton Rd)

The students in Auckland are protesting the budget again - to make Bill English rue having ever dared them to have a go (when he said they needed the Greeks to show them how real anti-austerity protesting was done).
via the twitstream:
Anna Bracewell ‏@Anna_BW
mayhem on Princes st, protesters running from police, police all over the place. #blockadethebudget

TVNZ: Raw video of today's Blockade the Budget protest shows clashes between police and protesters #blockadethebudget http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/raw-video-police-clash-protesters-4906662

Students opposite owen g glen building. Trying to head to Marae. P... http://www.rightnow.io/breaking-news/blockadethebudget_bn_1338521345338.html #Blockadethebudget #Budget2012 via @tom_james_nz

UPDATE: 5:20pm
via Twitter, Pic: Hayden East (cnr Lorne St & Wellesley St - Art Gallery behind)
Live footage http://bambuser.com/v/2693670 arrests going on now.

UPDATE 5:30pm
via Twitter, Pic: * Hayden East (middle of Queen St)
* Take the march through the mall - you can't stop this 

* Protest now headed down Elliot St. Cops have no clue on Queen, they're heading in the opposite direction

* Evaded the block, remobilised on Victoria st towards the sky tower!

UPDATE: 5:40pm

Occupy Auckland ‏@endarken
#blockadethebudget #onz 100 COPS @ WELLESLEY & QUEEN HEADING 2 U WATCH UR BACKS!!!!! SOS!!!!!! #OWS #OO #OLSX #OCHI #OSF #OLA @Redstar309Z

Anna Bracewell ‏@Anna_BW
quick detour through skycity to fill up on air conditioning #blockadethebudget

* Free education, fuck the casino #blockadethebudget http://pic.twitter.com/uzUZZUBI

Occupy Auckland ‏@endarken
@coreytmd there is 2,500 the corporate media LIE #WAKEUP #BLOCKADETHEBUDGET

UPDATE: 5:50pm

Blockade The Budget ‏@blockadebudget

"LET THEM GO!" chants being directed at Central Police Station over arrested students. #blockadethebudget

Daniel Haines ‏@daniel_haines
Demanding the release of student prisoners. The students block the mid city police station #blockadethebudget http://pic.twitter.com/twZOl1f0

Countesscupcake ‏@Countesscupcake

you can disagree with the politics but the police management of #blockadethebudget is pretty shocking http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/raw-video-police-clash-protesters-4906662

Tim H ‏@OnTheNumber8

@coreytmd Let's be honest the po po were up to sweet FA tonight. They'll be loving it. #blockadethebudget

Of course not all complimentary, or only of the cops:
Shea ‏@5hea
You protesters are all losers, art fags, dropicks. Get a job, get a life, get off the street. You'll nevr change anything #blockadethebudget

Shea ‏@5hea

Over 30 arrests so far! Good work, officers! #blockadethebudget


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