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Friday, June 08, 2012

25 years of Nuclear Free - respects to those who fought

25 years of Nuclear Free. My grateful thanks and immense respect to that entire generation of NZers who took to the water in boats and protested with every inch of their being our resistance to one of the true weapons of evil. Their resistance helped forge our sense of independence, their imprint on our cultural psyche is to be celebrated.



At 8/6/12 7:31 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Just because WE don't have nukes (or nuclear anything for that matter) hasn't stopped anybody else having or getting more of it. At all. I'm not really sure about the point of it all. What has "nuclear free" got us exactly? A little ego buzz that we as a tiny little country nonetheless "stuck it to the Man"? As far as I can tell, the rest of the world carried on like it (we) never even happened. Yeah, we stuck it to the Man real good, but to what end, exactly? I guess I'm just being a downer (as usual).

At 8/6/12 11:47 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Would I be wrong (@ Nitirum), of suspecting you are from a younger "demographic"?
One who regards hisself as a pragmatist, whilst being one that has never actually experienced any war or conflict FIRST HAND? . I suspect so.
I'd love to be able to ego-buzz you as being otherwise, just as I'd love to think of a Nikki Kaye's territorial efforts as being in memory of all those that fought against the likes of the facists.
(What I would say is:) Shame the silly pathetic little bitch's intent is about ego more than The reality IS - hopefully your's isn't the same.
As far as being anti-nuclear goes - its gotten us through one dangerous era that you were probably too young to sample, AND its allowed contributed to ammunition for US Presidents to decry nuclear arms races and to demonise the nuclear threat that was once thought to be something that represented a nationalist's might (despite whatever the consequences might have been)

At 9/6/12 8:12 am, Blogger CosmicRocketCultivator said...

Totally proud to be Aotearoa Nuclear Free. We as a nation should be united in our hope for a better Earth and doing something is better than doing nothing at all. Much gratitude and respect for the unseen warriors who push for a better New Zealand.

At 9/6/12 9:24 am, Blogger slydixon said...

We were the small boy who called out "the Emperor has no clothes". The idea that nuclear armed vessels visiting the South Pacific made us safer was part of a post war meme that needed to be exposed for the bollocks that it was. Also it put the shocking pollution of the South Pacific by the French with their shameless testing at Mururoa into stark relief.


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