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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When will the Greens become the second major Party?

I was wrong about the Greens. I thought they had reached their zenith this election. Pumped up by the worst political apathy in 120 years, they rode an easy 11% against a Labour Party slump. I had assumed Labour would have found their second wind and stormed back leaving the Greens with a minor possible increase.

That simply hasn't happened. The stumbling and unconvincing performance to date of David Shearer has left a gaping hole in the Opposition that the Greens have danced through with all the joy of a Mother Earth pride festival.

The question isn't if they become the second largest Party, based on the first half of this year, the question must be when. They are light years ahead of any other political party in connecting with their base on line over social media, the appointment of a strategist as brilliant as Laila Harre suggests they are finally bringing in fighters to the bear pit of politics and this latest stroke of genius by hiring an economist to critique the budget all show a vision and political strategy that both impresses and inspires.

With the possible ramifications of the brewing Shane Jones cash for citizenship scandal, the Greens could reap an even greater harvest. The Greens continue to lead the debate.



At 22/5/12 7:59 am, Blogger Jackson Wood said...

Damn skippy.

At 22/5/12 8:00 am, Blogger Jackson Wood said...

Damn skippy.

At 22/5/12 10:57 am, Blogger Alex said...

The Greens have had a smart economic platform for a few elections now, but only recently have people started to take Green economics seriously.

At 22/5/12 9:16 pm, Blogger Max Coyle said...

The question is, when will they become the number one political party. Through considered growth and elevating maturity their time may possibly come

At 23/5/12 12:30 am, Blogger Frank said...

Quote of the year!

"Chicken! Cluck, cluck!"

Norman Russell in the Debating Chamber, at John Key refusing to answer a Question, and handing it over to Bill English instead.

I think that one, simple, jibe may have done more to dent Dear Leader's armour than a dozen, measured, responses.

Humour. Powerful ju-ju magic.

At 23/5/12 1:30 pm, Blogger bsprout said...

The frog that roars! :-)


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