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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

When is Nanny State not Nanny State?

Need to hide your economic incompetence and mismanagement on the day Treasury forecasts are wrong again, this time by as much as $1.57billion? Start talking about beneficiaries and birth control!

Why have to be accountable for free market policies that are seeing unemployment soar to 6.7% and a real unemployment rate in double figures when you can squirt a tiny amount of money on forcing dirty bennies onto the pill?

How come it's Nanny State to shut down a legal loophole that allowed abusive parents to get away with beating their children, but it's not Nanny State to restrict the reproductive lives of beneficiaries?

Let's be clear, ALL NZERS should have access to free contraceptives, but to target the poor in the manner Paula Bennett and John Key have with the contraceptive carrot and benefit cutting stick is a compulsion boarding on the authoritarian. This is the Shire, not one family Communist China.

Allowing the State to intrude into the personal reproductive lives of solo mums and their daughters isn't a slippery slope, it's a god damned water slide at the hot pools using extra slippery water.

NZ was so quick to scream Nanny State when Helen Clark closed the legal ability of abusive parents to claim the 'but-I-was-just-teaching-them-a-lesson' defense, yet not a whimper when the State write policy to intrude into the reproductive lives of the poor because the poor somehow 'deserve it'.

Aren't our double standards contemptuous?

That we are even getting tricked into debating this pointless tyranny is testament to how easily led the public debate has become. Our economy continues to hemorrhage due to this Governments ideological desire to implement austerity and amputate the states ability to raise the revenue its social infrastructure requires, and what are we focused on? The sterility of Solo mums and their daughters?

When the next performance indicator of how screwed our economy has become surfaces, I wonder if the National Party will respond by demanding all beneficiaries become mandatory organ donors?



At 8/5/12 4:16 pm, Blogger Eli Jürgen said...

More Nazi state than Nanny state

At 8/5/12 4:25 pm, Blogger bsprout said...

You could never accuse National of having a Nanny State mentality as this sort of implies a level of benevolence. When Paula Bennet, Anne Tolley or Judith Collins speak I really feel a warm rush from believing a mother figure is watching over us and wants to ensure we, or our children, are cared for.

National runs a Big Daddy State, where as long as you are prepared to prostitute your believes and values you will have have financial support. It means that there is no possibility of discussing your needs and be heard, what ever happens will be done to you.

We should be grateful for our low wages and to speak out will open us to be publicly humiliated through the release of private information.

Everyone needs the care of a "Nanny" at some stage but after being cared for by "Big Daddy" one always comes out feeling violated in some way.

At 8/5/12 6:10 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Free contraceptives for teenage beneficiaries. Really? Words can't describe the new depths this Government is plumbing, although hats off to you for trying.

At 8/5/12 8:59 pm, Blogger No smirkpox said...

Focusing birth control on beneficiaries is a policy so vile and repugnant it parallels those of Nazi Germany. What next? Given that a Sunday Star-Times reader poll found 85 per cent of readers support euthanasia, no doubt the “government” will find that as a pretext to an effective means of removing more undesirables. Further “welfare reforms” could be gained by cutting superannuitants which euthanasia could facilitate decided upon by your case manager.

Since when did a poll of newspaper subscribers to a Fairfax publication represent the opinion of the New Zealand public?

Since those in the medical profession are bound by the code of ethics that is the Hippocratic Oath which protects a patient’s privacy unlike the corpulent staff at Work and Income, further renders this policy as absurd given government staff overseeing a concern that belongs to the realm of medicine. Thinking back to the recent ACC debacle over privacy illustrates the shortcomings in investing sensitive medical information with government departments.

Seems as if the pain of being poor isn’t enough, the government has the luxury of devising new methods of stigmatising or humiliating them.

Since Maori are troubled by high unemployment and various social concerns which see many collecting a benefit, further demonstrates this policy as social engineering or even genocide.

It’s amusing how this country lead by someone whose name is not dissimilar from donkey, no doubt a product of the 10 per cent Wall Street psychopath school of thought, is expecting the rising unemployed to find work in an abysmal labour market while employing 155 more case managers to find employment.

As if 155 more staff with not the highest education sitting on or scratching their lazy fat asses all day is going to be of assistance to the public, especially the poor.

All of this while there’s no initiatives concerning the creation of labour or economic growth just austerity which will no doubt lead to increased unemployment and a collapsing economy.

It’s apparent this government is so ideologically vested in their free market delusion, which they benefit so handsomely from in the present, that they are hell bent on fulfilling and protecting by happily indulging in fascist methods.

At 9/5/12 1:09 am, Blogger kiwikevnz said...

They should have on ipredict odds for Treasury getting something right

At 9/5/12 4:17 am, Blogger Angryman said...

Your past arguments of intergenerational thief I thought generalise the matter when considering the populace as a whole, but with this it is indeed clear that intergenerational thief is the backbone of this country’s authority.

It’s rich how the architects behind this fascist piece of bullshit took advantage of or abused the social welfare system in the past. Key when a child whose mother a solo mother took advantage of state housing to raise this cancerous sleaze bag. Bennett a solo mother who took advantage of, or more correctly abused the DPB when she reapplied after finding work too hard, not to mention taking advantage of a whole array of welfare that landed her a house and the ability to stick her fat snout in the trough that is parliament.

Classic case of rancid hamburger thinking they’re steak when these filthy bennies hit the big time with their snout in the slop bucket of power.

Considering perhaps most in this country were assisted at one time or another whether directly or through an ancestor by this country’s once gold plated social welfare system, whether through a benefit, student allowance, student loan or state housing, etc. Demonstrates what inconsiderate and selfish a layer of jerks this country has for those who reform the system or support it. Reforms that only degrade the system and its present and future recipients, what’s good for some isn’t good for others.

Looks like now if you’re unfortunate to find yourself in hardship you either have the option of prostituting your dignity for meagre assistance or rot in a gutter, what employment is there to be found nowadays? Perhaps the unemployed should all become prostitutes?

It would have been great if their welfare reforms were introduced in the past, so they could at first-hand experience how demeaning it would have been to their mother or themselves.

At 9/5/12 9:27 am, Blogger Frank said...

One thing that works well for National is their ability to select from a menu of vulnerable groups and exploit them to the max, to further National's neo-right agenda.

The 'beauty' of this sordid deflecting is that it draws out the RWNJs like Colin Craig. On Radio NZ this morning, he stated, ""We are the country with the most promiscuous young women in the world. This does nothing to help us at all."

The Nats were worried that their potential new coalitioon might have skeletons in their closet? Hell no, those skeletons are well and truly out in the open.

Meanwhile, the meter is ticking; the deficit is rising; unemployment is rising; and the number of New Zealanders who've had a gutsful, are practically clambering over bodies to escape to Australia.

Meanwhilwe, Simon Lusk is planning to create the Fourth Reich here in The Fatherland...


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