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Monday, May 28, 2012

When does Labour move against Shane Jones?

After doing some digging, I'm astounded by what I've heard are the allegations that are quietly laid against Shane Jones in this immigration case. The reality for Labour is that if I've heard them, it's only a matter of time before Slater and Farrar find out and go nuclear, Labour have to move to cauterize this before it hurts them.

For Shearer this provides a real opportunity to show some leadership and stamp his own authority on the party and put moves against him to rest, if he doesn't and Jones is allowed to bleed in the water, Shearer will be weakened by this to the point of coup.

Gordon Campbell is right about the immigration Minister having discretion to make calls that over ride official advice, but the Minister doing it must have a valid justification. Shane Jones will be hard pushed to create those valid justifications.



At 28/5/12 9:16 am, Blogger CAS said...

I'm not really sure what more Shearer is meant to do here, Bomber. Having the Auditor-General investigate Jones is probably the only realistic option for him at this stage. If Jones is to be stood down, it will have to be after the investigation is finished and the findings published, rather than at the point of the allegations being raised. We're all entitled to a presumption of innocence, and that courtesy should extend to everyone, regardless of what they do for a living - and at this stage, they're still only allegations, some of which may even be false.

At 28/5/12 10:01 am, Blogger Jason said...

I think you will find the viscous cetacean already has the info and is launching in big time.

At 28/5/12 4:55 pm, Blogger Tim said...

..well when all said and done, successive gubbamints have sought to undermine and compromise things judicial. Much of the powers that rest with decisions on matters to do with immigration rest with a "Minister" rather than with the judiciary.
I'm bloody surprised the judiciary haven't called foul well before now.
Passing laws that allow a Minister of the Crown (I corrected myself - initially I spelt Clown) to make decisions on who is alowed to stay and who should go - when it is fundamentally a decision on how law should be interpreted or applied is NOT a function of this arm of gubbamint.
Immigration is but one example of the way our democracy is constantly under threat.
Still... it's all part of that facist neo-lib agenda that's been around since a failed pig farmer got elected to Parliament and Lamb Burgers were in fashion.
STILL (btw), noone in the MSM has asked Jonkey or his minions WHAT the motivation for changes to immigartion law is that will 'bring us into line with OZ' and allow an equivalent of mandatory detention for asylum seekers.
I guess, like sleepy fucking Hobbits, we'll just have to wait till it all bites us in the bum - not unlike what;s happening in the aged care sector.
I spose we could always get our defense forces to staff geriatric care too when all that turns to shit.

At 28/5/12 5:11 pm, Blogger Matthew said...

I was under the impression that Jones allowed the gentleman to stay as he was potrentially under threat of execution if he returned to China. While that may or may not have been true, at least with the desicion he made he can take the moral high ground, & the ruling can be reversed. After all, the man in question is still alive. If Jones had declined the application & the man in question had infact been arrested & executed, Not only would Jones have been truly dragged over the coals, but someone would have been dead. In my personal opinion, Jones did the right thing, & Shearer did the right thing by standing Jones down, pending the investigation.

At 28/5/12 10:21 pm, Blogger DebsisDead said...

Since Jones has always been a committed member of the same faction as the stammering whahisname, the invisible leader of the party, that is the "what's in it for me" faction I hope they both bring each other down asap. Then maybe the spineless, chinless & shiny-assed liars who currently populate the parliamentary wing of labour may realise their best odds for getting what they want lie in giving us, the citizens of Aotearoa what we need, rather than what their neo-liberal sponsors demand.


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