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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Whale Angry. Whale smash.

Dear Cameron Slater is throwing a tizzy over at his far right hate speech site about an apparent irony on my behalf.

It's been a hard couple of months for the wolf that cries boy. Being outed as a stooge for Ports of Auckland, moving onto being the stooge for Affco (seriously Cam, are you getting shares in Sherson Willis?), being seen as toxic for his work in the Boag-Collins friendly fire killing of Nick Smith, his association with corporate mercenary Simon Lusk who has a dark agenda for NZ (dark enough to spook National Party power brokers) have all added to the stress poor Cam has been under of late and it's driving him to start lashing out punch drunk at anything with a shadow.

It's kinda pitiful really. Not as pitiful as his gun porn or posting up of daily proverbs to fluff up his page view numbers or his 'blogs' consisting of 1 line of original thought on top of a cut and paste news story.

When he isn't making vicious insinuations about my fatherhood (which is filthy gutter stuff even for you Cam), Cam's claiming an 'irony' at an article the NZ Herald quoted me in. As a resident of the CBD for almost 2 decades I was commenting about the rise of angry drunk men on Queen st and noted the decrease at the same time of Police presence.

I am very critical of the Police, as a social democrat I think tight checks and balances are required of any state power, but to hold up my past criticism alongside my observation that Queen st violence has increased because of a lack of Police presence and use that to attack me is weak even for Whaleoil.

I'm not sure if the following is ironic or just contemptuous...
- Doing the bidding of PR companies to seed spin.
- Using the personal circumstances of a wharf worker to attack him.
- Promoting a heavily edited interview with Jim Anderton to make it look like he said the only way he wouldn't win the Christchurch Mayoralty was if an earthquake hit.
- Demanding Cornelius Arie Smith-Voorkamp be shot in the gut so that he died slowly and in pain before the full facts of his Aspergers was known.
- Claiming Chris Carters dead mother had been using a taxpayer cell phone for a decade.

...actually the only irony here is that a company called Ecofreako thinks that associating themselves with the worst mud raker in NZ media would connect with people with an environmental conscience. That consciousness requires a certain level of education and civility, neither which Cameron Slater possesses.

He is as relevant as a bucket of day old sick, and just as predictable.



At 20/5/12 1:38 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Oh dear, I think you've gotten under WaaaOil's skin, Bomber...

Well done!

At 20/5/12 6:03 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

I think you're too kind. His one liners above the cut and pastes aren't original at all.

At 20/5/12 7:30 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

But his "ratings" are apparently still as high as ever(?) On the right side of this very blog, I see David Farrar at #1 followed by none other than Cameron Slater. So is he doing something right? Or does the fact that Whaleoil is NZ's #2 most read blog fact speak volumes about New Zealanders???

At 20/5/12 8:15 pm, Blogger BobbyD said...

He does seem to have a point. You bemoan Police brutality yet at the same time seem to want a return of the same 'pushy shovy policy' you love to complain about.

At 21/5/12 6:49 am, Blogger Tim said...

accessing a blog site doesn't signify agreement with it however. Are the number of comments, including the core of commenters taken into account? I sometimes watch Fox News when I need a laugh, as does my bro-in-law when he needs to be reminded of his reason for shifting to NZ

At 21/5/12 6:56 am, Blogger Bomber said...

bobby you are more wrong than he is. I bemoan the lack of check and balances keeping police power in control THAT is true.

I DO NOT bemoan the lack of pushy shovy police - I noted that was the kind of policing style used in the past and I have seen that kind of policing and I don't think that's needed, I was arguing that the increase in drunk violence increased with the lack of police presence.

YOu have misread what I've said and swallowed whales spin hook line and sinker.

At 21/5/12 12:11 pm, Blogger caleb said...

So why not be more clear about what your actual views on the police are? Obviously you oppose police brutality and support checks and balances to try to reduce it (as should anyone - it speaks volumes that Slater doesn't seem to). But do you still think they're valuable as an institution? And that they play an important role in reducing anti-social behaviour? Or are you opposed at some deeper level to the institution of the police, but you still note that they can help to maintain order among their other less praiseworthy functions? (that's kind of what I think)

Anyway, reading the comments (including Cameron's own one) on his blog made me sick, but it did give me a new appreciation for the commenters on here. Tumeke gets occasional trolling but it also has a lot of intelligent discussion ... the comments on Slater's blog make your description "far right hate speech site" look like it's not even hyperbole.

By the way, speaking of the blog ratings, they're two and a half years old now right? (judging by the NZ blogosphere link). That's a long time in blogging, are there any plans for updates? (I appreciate your criticism of landline political polls, but you could be accused of another hypocrisy if the blog poll on your own site is questionable due to age).


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