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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Well done Meat Workers Union & CTU

Great news for the 5000 children of meat workers - Affco and Talley's have backed down and made an agreement - respects to the staunch members of the MWU!

The bad press Affco and Talley's were drawing for declaring that they wanted to kick the Union out of their industry all together was matched by Iwi threatening to start up their own company. Suddenly all that black spin on Cameron Slater's blogsite by Sherson Wills was biting Affco in the arse and they ran back to the negotiating table.

Using hunger as a negotiating tactic the way Affco and Talley's did and the impact that strategy had on 5000 kids should however never be forgotten. The role of Iwi stepping up and threatening Affco for the pain they were causing Maori workers may well be the newest and most powerful tipping point in industrial relations we've seen in modern times.



At 22/5/12 7:33 am, Blogger oshaymuir said...

Iwi and the unions joining forces. This news has made me very happy. I think Iwi should make their own meat processing business. David Beddgodd in his book 'Rich and Poor in New Zealand' states that Iwi can be a revolutionary force due to the fact that Maori traditionally believe in communal ownership.

At 22/5/12 9:34 am, Blogger Alex said...

Meatworkers Union FTW.

At 22/5/12 9:44 am, Blogger Heremaia Poihakena said...

Xecellent work by the unions and i believe Maori enterprise as I read the latest story. Why not continue to form your your company koutou tatou te iwi Maori. Take control. continue the challege a little longer. Maori has scared the pants off these corporate bully's, take control, because it will happen again. These bully's are still strategising another attack. It will not stop. "Well" off cause whoever is in control, Mr Greed will always be at the table. So maori will have a little joy for a while. Then yeah then what? I enei raa ka rawe marika te mahi a hatana i waenganui te iwi puta noa. Engari e te iwi, he oranga ano kei waenganui ia tatou. Kia hohonu te titiro, kia hohonu te rapu, Kia hohonu ano te WAIRUA.

At 22/5/12 9:50 am, Blogger Frank said...

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant result. And for the first time, we have publicly witnessed Iwi power being flexed on behalf of the working class.

Methinks we are seeing the birth of a new political force to be recknoned with - Iwi and Workers joining forces to fight back corporate and employer power.

The power balance may just have shifted. But then again, it may be part of the quantum shift away from the "glorious neoliberal" experiment that we are seeing here and around the world.

Historical times, people; historical times.

At 22/5/12 11:17 am, Blogger Arto said...

Talley's thought that they could shit all over the Maori workers and drive wages lower... until... the Iwi tribes threatened to pull out their fishing quota's from talleys. Well done!


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