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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Union Report online now: Mike Willams & Cee Payne

The Union Report with Industrial Services Manager NZNO Cee Payne & commentator Mike Williams:

Topics are Issue 1 - It's International Nurses day on the 12th, what are the challenges facing nursing and why is the NZNO concerned with social justice?

Issue 2 - Does the u-turn at MFAT show other public servants how to resist cutbacks? Is 150 job losses a victory?

Issue 3 - the Hikoi against asset sales arrives in Wellington - how does privatization impact workers?

- International Nurses Day on Saturday 12 May.

- Starting May 21st the PPTA in co-ordination with Massey University are running a series of public meetings on Charter Schools

The Union Report plays 8pm Monday Triangle TV and simulcast on scoop.co.nz

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At 8/5/12 2:13 pm, Blogger Tim said...

"John Key looks for probity in his Ministers"?
David - you hope for too much.
The ONLY thing JK hopes for is moderate longevity, a good-look in the media, And non-discovery (that there's an EMPORER WITH NO CLOTHES. AND PLEASE!.. never make me have to look directly at a specimen such as that.

Oh... and just btw, when are you going to realise that "astonishement" and most other emotions expressed mean SFA when they come from the comfort of a DEVONPORT TALKING HEAD-no offense, it's just that you could legitimately be accused of being so out-of-touch that those you 'feel for' see you as useless tits on bul as they do anyone elsel. STILL.... that lovely every-man's best friend Jim (on Public Radio can probably keeeeeep the shit going

At 8/5/12 2:25 pm, Blogger Tim said...

@Phoebe ... '..detention centre in Indonesia"...?
Don't you mean | detention centre i NZ | ?
Believe me.... "the reality is" ...and all that shit ...... THAT is the intention.


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