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Friday, May 04, 2012

Top 10 things John Banks would have to do before John Key sacked him

10: Defecates on the NZ flag and posts it on youtube

9: Take out a full page advert in the Herald announcing his allegiance to Adolf Hitler

8: Get caught in a Russian Mafia meth police surveillance sting

7: Photographed eating a human baby

6: Fly's a helicopter into Kim Dotcoms mansion

5: Is caught taking anonymous donations from Syria

4: Gets discovered hoarding all the marmite

3: Disagrees once with Steven Joyce

2: Seen holding Helen Kelly's hand in public

1: Found naked covered in vomit in the Speakers chair after a big night out with anonymous donors he can't remember.



At 4/5/12 10:09 am, Blogger Parabellum said...

A Snuff exclusive from the Vodka cruiser drinking team of mucketeers:


At 4/5/12 11:42 am, Blogger Sam_P said...

If JK doesn't pucker up tight soon he's going to choke on this lemon.

At 4/5/12 5:26 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Ole; Beep, Bop, Aloolah and celebration. At last I've seen in the media (admitedly offshore), the word FACIST used (and legitimately used)
I'm not sure wh there is such a reluctqnce to apply the term (liberally) to this government - and to certain members in particular - including some munter MP from the Coromadel who I predicted would start the labelling of asylum seekers in terms of their being "queue jumpers'
STATE and CORPORATE power....how its applied, how its confused. combibed with the demonisation of various minorities (as long as they aren't the 1%)
Koiwois laxing back should start thiking long and hard when they awake - JUST as the surviving RSA members of WWII and elsewhere.

Please - call a spade a fucking spade somebody!
This is a Facist government - admitedly not as severe as AH's, but FACIST none-the-less.
And before Labour start puffing their feathers and saying we're oh so diff, make sure you are.
All that 3rd-way shit could just as easily be a 4th or 5th Reich.

I'll never vote Labour again unless they categorically state that proposed immigration changes will be repealed, AND/OR they commit to rolling back half the legislation passed in the name of semi-intelligent/semi-literate/ideology-learned parrot fashion policy parading in the name of a Nat government.
The Hobbits will awaken (those that haven't already G.C'd) soon. When they do, it'd be nice if they actually had a true alternative
Oh....there's another thing but I don't suppose many were listening/watching to Parlee-R-mint yesterday.
The Maori Party actually voted with the gubmint during a division over proposed Immigration legislation changes. TALK ABOUT double standards - especially when you consider some of Pita Sharples stance on the likes of Fiji not long after the coup.
I think they're making it up as they go along most of the time - in consideration of personal comfort RATHER than any sort of principle.
Oh, and another hey.... I noticed Patrick Gower had a wedding ring on.
Can I please use this forum to pass on my condolences to his wife for having married such a frikken egg roll.

At 4/5/12 9:08 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Hahahahahahahhaahahhahaha a ......, Oh fuck ! Here comes the asthma .... Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahah ... There are many mysteries in , around and beyond our wondrous Universe but the most mystifying must surely be ; Who , who would vote for this idiot ? Hahahahahahaaaahahha ! A toothy , midget faux-naif-Napoleonic tit in a cheap leather jacket ! ! Ahhh No ! Fuck ! Hahahahahahahahahahah Stop ! Please stop ! Hahahahahahah !

At 5/5/12 5:02 am, Blogger Raph NZ said...

Two down eight to go...

Anyone care to enlighten me to any of the other eight?

At 6/5/12 8:37 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Yeah, but Key will simply say it's not his role to define "morality", so who's to say eating babies is wrong?


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