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Friday, May 25, 2012

This budget as 'sensible' as the sensible sentencing trust

I'm sick of hearing the mainstream media describe this budget as 'sensible' or 'balanced' - its as 'sensible' as the sensible sentencing trust and as 'balanced' as Fox News.

What the hell is sensible about 270 000 children living in poverty with zero hope from this zero budget?

What the hell is sensible about 267 000 NZers unemployed and underemployed with zero hope from this zero budget?

What the hell is sensible about 500 000 NZers earning less than $16 an hour with zero hope from this zero budget?

What the hell is sensible about crushing unions, destroying public broadcasting, slashing public services, killing off social housing, strangling the low waged, handing over billions to the already rich, spending $900 million on a private prison, privatizing our assets, increasing class sizes or replacing social service with 0800 numbers.

What the hell is sensible about any of that?

What's sensible about cheering the tax of rich people for $107m when they are cutting child care for poor people by $170m?

What's sensible about Bill English needing the tobacco industry to breathe life into the economy? What a foul kiss of stench.

I was waiting for John Key to predict that Zombie Marx will return from grave to feast on mum & dad investors if the Government dares borrow any more money.

This provided a 'brighter future' the way a blind cyclops does. We don't want to borrow more, but we must see that we can't cut back, we need a new revenue source and the wealthy should be our target. Top tax rate in NZ 25 years ago was 66%, now it's 33%, the richest have had their tax rate drop by 50% in quarter of a century, it's time they started paying back.

In the end it wasn't the Mother of all budgets, it was the selfish rich prick Uncle of all Budgets.

This zero budget was nothing more than wealth defense - the 1% will sleep easy this weekend.



At 25/5/12 6:26 pm, Blogger slydixon said...

Sensible is a concept truly lost at the moment. Tama Iti should have destroyed thousands of birds, polluted large stretches of the east coast and ruined many people's livelihoods and then he would have got seven months. Things are truly fucked up at the moment.

At 25/5/12 10:14 pm, Blogger Matthew said...

Sensible would have also seen the 'Roads of national importance' canned or at least defered, as the last thing we need right now is a 4 lane expressway from Puhoi to Wellsford, & sensible would have seen a tax increase on Alcohol, not paperboys.

At 26/5/12 9:00 am, Blogger Fern said...

"When rich and poor start to live completely different lives, this leads to the poor opting out of the state. All studies today show that society is happier when the gap between rich and poor is reduced. Widen it and you affect the group ethos of society, and also the ability to get things done through tax." (Michael Wood, British historian)

At 26/5/12 9:37 am, Blogger countryboy said...

As I've asked before .
We have a big , fat rich land flush with rude good health and positively oozing essential resources and highly prized ' commodities ' . Us lot are , by and large , urbane , intelligent and extremely well informed . Us Kiwis have a rare and envious ability to see the world as a whole and we know how we fit into that picture but perhaps best of all ... There's only four million of us . Four million ! ? And yet ... ? Where the fuck is our money ?
Do the Swiss know ? Did Lizard lips Holyoak know ? Did Pig Muldoon know ? Does Wall Street know ? Do Fay and Richwhite know ? Does Jimbo Bolger know ? Does Tricky Dicky Prebble know ? Does Roge Kerr know ? Does ' I sell kids ethol alcohol in my supermarkets ' Brierly know ? Does Big Donny Brash know ? Does Fat Cunt Shipley know ? Does Mono-Brow Richardson know ? Do any of you fine and fancy Lawyers and Accountants know ? I bet you fucking do , you crooked bastards ! Think of the Truth as a fit young hound dog . It's sniffing and it's getting closer and the closer it gets , the more excited it becomes and as you greedy and now old scum are tucking yourselves into your mansions with your dirty little secrets , the hounds are scratching at the back door . Good night . Sleep well .

At 26/5/12 12:17 pm, Blogger Tim said...

... yea well.... Radio NZ news at midday has just begun with "The Minister of Science and Innovation, Steven Joyce".... etc....
Does anyone else find that funny? Still, there are portions of the electorate that think Jonkey is some sort of intelligent wizz with an ability to think critically as opposed to a being with animal cunning and an ability to roll dice.
I'm still trying to work how the likes of Chris Finlayson and others continue to align themselves with such people. There must be a Holyoake or two rolling in their graves - even a Mulddon or two.

At 26/5/12 3:17 pm, Blogger Frank said...

The only onres thinking it's a "sensible" budget are those who haven't been hit in the pocket yet...

At 26/5/12 9:34 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Sensible you say ! Who wants a sensible budget ? I don't ! I want a crazy budget . I want free pot , free E , free Viagra and free hospital care after the pot , E and V ! I want strangers to hug me crazy , I want animals roaming freely through the cities laying eggs and molting wool for all ! I want one of those fancy new things that does stuff ! I want Jesus to be seen dancing gayly with Mohammed ! I want Gay people dancing madly with straight truck drivers ! I want to see a sunrise that's so much better than the best sunrise ever seen . I want to see money rain down from the Heavens upon poor kids and old people who've never had much in the beginning . I want to see sick people amazingly feel great , like when you had a fearful hangover and suddenly you feel like a curry ! I want to hear some , otherwise mean cunt Minister of Finance tell me that everything's just fine and that we've all been good and so here's a great surprise ! You've all won free stuff and shit and things ! And you're all on the TV and the TV makes you look great and beautiful and handsome ! I want a budget drawn up by a French film director who has an artists eye for the outrageously beautiful and romantic ! I want to languish , well away from work , pain , loss and suffering and sandwiched in the perk bosoms of a beautiful woman who thinks I look an perform just like that porn star off the internet ! The one that can shoot sperm out the bedroom window , across the street and fertilize the girl wearing her grandmothers bloomers and sunbathing by the river 200 meters away ! I want to hear truth ! Beautiful truth . I want a budget drawn up by gentle-persons who know about class , style and finesse . Who can love and love to be loved . But here ? On this Earth ? Some say an Earth that was constructed by the devil ? We get pain and suffering . We get loss and subjugation . We get Bill English in a suit walking confidently beside a pompous little shit whilst mocking youth in it's rude pride ! How absolutely dreadful . What have we done to deserve this ?

At 11/6/12 3:19 pm, Blogger Phil said...

Hey Countryboy, your future awaits with Cardinal Brian at Destiny City, Auckland. Peace and good luck.


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