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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The terrible truth about TVNZ7

I hosted the Christchurch save TVNZ7 meeting last night, several hundred very angry people who were genuinely concerned with the death of public broadcasting in NZ. I will be hosting the Palmerston North meeting on the 6th June and the Hamilton meeting on the 13th.

As the former Broadcasting Minister gets caught out lying about the numbers of viewers TVNZ7 had attracted so as to justify killing it off are finally unmasked...

Coleman: Number's up for TVNZ7, regardless
Former broadcasting minister Jonathan Coleman has admitted using incorrect audience figures for the soon-to-be-defunct TVNZ7 but says the free-to-air channel was to be scrapped anyway.

Those campaigning to save TVNZ7, which is due to turn into a TV One Plus One channel next month, say the error has contributed to the demise of New Zealand's only commercial-free, public-service television station.

In April last year Dr Coleman said TVNZ7 attracted about 207,000 viewers a week, compared with the 600,000 people who tuned in nightly to One News, and the Government would not be putting new money into the channel because it was not a high priority.

He was questioned about the figure earlier this year after a report on TVNZ7's own programme Media 7 said it was wrong because Dr Coleman had divided a monthly figure by four. Audience data was only collected once a month and weekly audience numbers were much higher, it said.

At the time Dr Coleman said the figures were provided by officials or by TVNZ itself.

However, papers released under the Official Information Act show the only figure officially provided to Dr Coleman was that Channel 6 and TVNZ7 together had a monthly audience of 2.1 million.

...a new revelation revealed last night was that TVNZ purposely didn't promote TVNZ7 because they feared it would eat into their own ratings. TVNZ management went so far to smother TVNZ7, that Wallace Chapman had to put his own hand into his own pocket to buy advertising for Backbenchers so that the public had any idea the show was on.

The lies spread by National regarding ratings coupled with the attempted assassination by TVNZ management should be considered cultural treason by both of them.

The anger at these Save TVNZ7 meetings is not going away.



At 29/5/12 5:39 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Claire C has a commitment to PSB as do others. My question is WHAT will Labour/Greens do once in power to ensure that this sort of shit doesn't KEEP happening - i.e. the tinkering, the backhanders to the likes of Joyce's mates, the market dominance of the likes of SKY..... etc., etc.
TVNZ's management actually needs to be given a message. They've totally forgotten that they're a publicly owned institution and as such they have certain responsibilitiy=es (AT LEAST one of which is to act in the public interest).
Instead, they've feathered their nests, excused themselves by repeatedly stating they have to operate under a commercial imperative, and a load of other complete BS!
At the VERY LEAST, there is NO REASON why TV ONE, and 2 could not have referenced the existence of 7 (AND indeed 6), but for the fact that the likes of ANdypandy and others have an attitude and ego they operate under (arrogance, oh we've paid our dues, we're the experts, and so on). If I had my way, they'd be the very first to go - they probably need a reminder that their existence comes about courtesy of the NZ taxpayer, tho' I'm sure they operate under the illusion that it comes about through advertisers' revenue).
Sustaining their lifestyle does, but the fact that they exist in the first place certainly doesn't and in that regard, as a taxpayer - let's disestablish their existence

At 29/5/12 7:21 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

TVNZ7 is/was seriously, the only genuinely decent free-to-air channel on TV. The docos were of a pretty high standard. I've found myself watching less and less TV. It could potentially go to zero in the next few years at this rate. Is that what they want?

At 31/5/12 10:23 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Television per se is THE most efficient way to control the Masses and us Masses need controlling lest we become annoyingly determined to reveal truths . There's no fucking way that an ad free , free to air TV channel will EVER get a foot hold in Gods Own mate . A free to air , ad free TV channel would be the pinch bar that prized the lid of the fucking ugly can of worms . Look what happened to Kim Hill after her devastating interview with that rat Roger Kerr . Kiwi Kerr , farmers boy and psychopath of choice . That brilliant mind now talks recipes , books and other banal shite on Saturdays . @ Tim . @ Nitrium ? Have you ever noticed that any new media which makes the heart beat faster , disappears ? Remember ETV as it appeared on early morning television which was replaced by that first giggling tit fronting ' The Breakfast Show ' some years ago ? Commission of inquiry . Ask where's our money ? Call the police .


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