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Monday, May 14, 2012

Secret papers show Government about to declare war on Workers & Unions

Secret changes to labour rules
Confidential Cabinet papers show the Government intends changes to industrial relations laws beyond those outlined in National's election policy.

Two papers, obtained by Labour, show the Government intends to allow employers to set the agenda for collective contract negotiations.

It has raised concerns that employers will be able to walk away from wage bargaining if unions reject unreasonable demands.

The papers also show the Government will allow employees to be paid under the minimum wage if they are participating in a partial strike.

And so the Government gets around to officially declaring war on workers and Unions. As inequality soars in NZ, as child poverty grows - the Government decides to weaken one of the few mechanisms for better social justice, the unionized labour movement.

These changes to legitimize the corporate bullying of Affco and PoA is the most spiteful of moves by National. Tally's is using hunger as a negotiating tactic against 1200 workers, why endorse and legitimize that type of contemptuous definition of 'good faith'?

With tens of thousands of NZers now fleeing every year for Australia, the message to blue collar workers is clear - if you want a future while National are in power, move to the Gold Coast. In fact The GC seems to be a very clever recruitment advert for Australian immigration funded by NZ Taxpayer dollars. Could it be the most counter productive piece of broadcasting ever green lighted?

Meanwhile on the state broadcaster, watching frosty Rawden and frosty Petra trying to be warm on Breakfast news this morning was as comfortable as masturbating with a cheese grater.

Just another Monday in the land of the uptight crowd.



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