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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rena Captain jailed for 7months, Iti gets 2 and a half years - welcome to NZ's Louis Crimp factor

Is it just me, but shouldn't crashing a ship and spilling 400 000 liters of oil get a far longer sentence than making a Molotov cocktail? 7 months in jail compared to two and a half years? WTF?

What was the real threat to NZ here? Crashing ships into our coastline or roleplaying at freedom fighter? (When corporates do what Tame Iti did, they call it a paintball retreat).

This astounding difference in prison sentence against the actual damage to NZ will appear even more egregious once the IPCA report is released.

A terrible week for justice in NZ.



At 26/5/12 9:12 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Well , perhaps it's because what Tame Iti did might catch on where as stealing a ship big enough to carry 400,000 tons of oil to spill in protest might be a tad more difficult than pouring petrol into a bottle then chucking it . The Authorities know only too well that NZ is a powder keg of rage , fear and frustration and personally , I'm wondering what might be the lit match for ignition now that Tame Iti's cooling his heels in the slammer and if anyone knows this , it's you Tim Selwyn .

It won't be the MSM because those fools are lost in Twinkle Sparkle Land or are too in love with their bank accounts to give a fuck . It wont be you or I because we're out numbered and besides , do you want to become a martyr ? No , I didn't think so . Neither do I . Besides , times are not quite that tough yet . Not yet . The day that non Maori New Zealanders realize that uniting with Maori and standing shoulder to shoulder to protect our lands and people against the likes of Key and English , two short , rich little dictatorial bully's strutting about making flippant quips like squawking bantam roosters , that will be the day of reckoning . Oh but wait ! We'll all be in Australia by then . Shit ! I forgot that ! So who'll be here then ? Once we've all been put into the cattle wagons and sent to the ovens of Western Australia , who'll be the new New Zealanders ? When we're all chasing worthless dollars by digging out the guts of a vast and desolate land , who'll be here ? In worthless little ol NZ with it's rich lands and plentiful fresh water and clean oceans and etc etc etc ? Who's jonkey-stien and the dipton dribbler selling us to ? Tame Iti . You've gone into Aotearoa / NZ history as at least someone who gave a fuck . Well done for that .

At 26/5/12 12:25 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Presumably a different judge in the cases you quote. Or to put it another way: Same shit different stink.
We can all rest assured though that Jonkey's buggers muddle has our best intrists at heart going forward, and another Sackur Hardtalk interview will put it ALL in spectiv

At 27/5/12 2:59 am, Blogger BobbyD said...

What a stupid comparison. Spend two minutes looking up the sentencing act.

At 29/5/12 1:51 pm, Blogger frances jane said...

It seems like $14mil worth of bad publicity, really...good pic of lady ghaastly btw


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