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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rehab Spin

National claim $65m will reduce 600 prisoners by 2017, problem is Corrections already predicted a drop of 487 prisoners by 2017 in September of last year, it's page 34 of the report

So this $65m will only in fact save us from 113 prisoners, that's $575, 221 per prisoner. How the hell is that a solution? Why are the media not seeing through this spin and how come the $900 million private prison is being ignored? After the current closures there will be 2992 spare beds, so why the hell are we building a new billion dollar prison?

Why are we building an empty prison when our hospitals and schools and dole queues are so full?

Why are the media being so easily led?



At 22/5/12 11:38 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Good popints, Bomber.

But the main question is; who the hell will remember this in five years' time?!?!

Christ-on-a-stick, the Dear Amnesiac Public don't even recall that Labour posted big surpluses during their tenure;


People don't even seem to recall last years' budget and the Big Promises National made;


To be honest, National could promise to reduce Brownlee's morbid weight, and no one will recall it ever being made.

Such long-term promises are nothing but propaganda. It stumps me why the MSM doeasn't call the Nats on BS like this.

At 23/5/12 9:36 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Frank . ' Why doesn't the MSM call the Nats on BS like this ? ' I think it's this simple ; Huge salaries = grave fear of losing huge salaries = tow the line Mate or else = ' The Nats ! They're great , they're the best Woo Hoo ! '

Or ; [ Reporter heard saying ] ' Satan's been voted in you say ! ? And he's eating babies fed to him by Paula Bennett ? And your raising my salary to how much ! Wow ! Hey ! Satans just super don't cha know ! '

There will never be a free and non-bias media so long as it's smothered in gooey advertising but then there's plenty of evidence to suggest state funded ad free media aint that flash neither . I know ! Lets find a sunny spot and have a picnic . Good old denial , the Kiwi way . It's a classic response to abuse .


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