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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Questions for David Shearer over dinner with the dark lord of the Sith

Sky TV boss also ate with Shearer
Sky TV chief executive John Fellet was also present at a private dinner party attended by Opposition leader David Shearer at the home of Sky lobbyist Tony O'Brien, the pay-TV company has confirmed.

The dinner, first reported in the Business Herald on Friday, took place on April 27 and was also attended by the wives of the three men.

Private dinner parties with lobbyists are not restricted, but the timing was unusual. Sky TV's ultimate owner News Corporation was under attack in the UK for allegedly using excessive leverage on politicians.

Ummm. What the fuck? David Shearer had a private dinner with the Dark Lord of the Sith AND the Emperor and "will not be answering any further questions from you on this issue"???

How bout we just ask the questions and allow the answers to hang in the air shall we, because the last thing any progressive voter wants to think is that David Shearer is cutting private deals that beholden him in the manner Len Brown's hundreds of thousands in secret donations have beholden him.

Mr Shearer can not honestly expect us to accept that he met privately with one of the most powerful forces in NZ Media who have gained their near monopoly domination by close ties with politicians and none of us ask any questions?

Come on, if John Key had met privately with Sky TV, we would be just as scathing, just because it's Shearer partying with Darth Vadar doesn't make it any more acceptable.

So let's ask some questions...

Why the hell was David Shearer privately meeting a media company that is embroiled overseas with investigations between powerful media and politicians?

Why does Mr Shearer want to invite that level of Rupert Murdoch suspicion?

Was any discussion of Sky TV launching a public broadcasting channel discussed?

Was any discussion about Kordia being sold discussed or the new channels Kordia are freeing up?

What was the list of topics discussed?

Was Clare Curran the broadcasting spokesperson briefed on the dinner?

Will David Shearer be meeting with the Dark Lord of the Sith and the Emperor alone again in the future?

Last question - who the hell is advising David Shearer?



At 8/5/12 10:47 am, Blogger Chris Trotter said...

There is something dreadfully familiar about all this, Bomber.

There's more than a whiff of the Blair-Murdoch tete-a-tetes prior to the victory of "New" labour in 1997.

Or, worse still, the way key figures in the NZ media were inducted into the "secret" of the Lange-Douglas Labour Caucus' conversion to neoliberalism in the months leading up to the 1984 election.

The "mainstream" media will only get behind a Labour Party leader when they are reasonably certain that s/he is dedicated to ensuring that the apple-cart remains un-upset.

The loud support of key media figures for keeping in place the now quite clearly right-leaning Mr Shearer is, therefore, very worrying.

At 8/5/12 1:28 pm, Blogger Tim said...

As I've said before.... the VERY worst thing Labour can do is 'shift right' ... they're already to the right of where they should be. Agree ..... who the hell is advising Shearer? It sure as hell ain't the Brains of Britain. JUST as Sleepy Hobbits begin to awaken, they'll be faced with a choice between RIGHT (bordering on the fascist), and slightly less RIGHT/3rd-way/4th Reich bullshit (already proven to have failed)- which seems to be where Shearer is at the moment. This sort of thing makes people suspicious.
The buggers STILL don't seem to have realised they wasted so much opportunity in their third term (last reign).
AND there's another thing!!! All this crap about "once assets are sold...they're gone forever". NO they're NOT! Have politicians forgotten that they're elected to represent the will of the people? Just as things can be done (without a mandate), they can be UNDONE (with a mandate). Those that indulge in being a party to that privatisation process KNOWING the prevailing environment, can't really moan with any credibility if things are backed out. Thing is we don't seem to have politicians with the balls to do what's necessary. It's actually "the markets" that need to learn who is boss in a democracy - NOT the electorate. Otherwise let's not pretend we're operating democratically.
I'm coming very close to the decision to never vote Labour again, as have most of my family = some of whom have been Labour's staunchest supporters.


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