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Sunday, May 27, 2012

q+a and The Nation review

The Nation

How weird is this? Duncan Garner is no longer on the show because he had a massive argument with ACT Party cheerleader and Executive Producer of PR company FrontPage, Richard Harman. Apparently the dispute was over direction of the show. Duncan wanted a successful current affairs show and Richard didn't.


So they've replaced Duncs with this other bloke, Simon Shepard. I'm not sure why Rachel Smalley hasn't been pulled up to the plate, she's actually pretty good on Firstline, and just needs better researchers for The Nation, but no, it's this Simon Shepard bloke.

Which begs the question, why bother watching? While Duncan is right wing enough to launch his own Party, he is a current affairs pit bull who once locked on doesn't let go. I love that, he's entertaining enough to ignore the right wing bias, but Simon Shepard? More Simon Yapping Dog.


Patrick Smellie, Colin James and Brian Fallow are on to quiz Bill English on the ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Fallow has a go at English in terms of the zero budget, the host has blended into the background, what was his name again? Bill's noting that his spin is so great he's convinced the entire political spectrum of the 'return to surplus' joke. Fallow asks if things get worse will there be a sub-zero budget, Bill accepts that.

To be fair, none of them believe Bill and they all let him know.

Best surprise was David Parker suddenly coming to life and attacking the critics with Labour's big ideas on capital gains and raising the super age.

The counter would have been 'yeah but you are still sticking to the same surplus crap David, using the same right wing mechanics, so let's ease off the self congratulations just yet hu?'

Parker was looking too pleased with himself to have been asked something like that.

It's an okay show this week.
So it's official, since the complaint against him has been upheld by the press council, Paul Holmes is a racist. Apparently the Q&A producers tell people that 'they look after Paul better than the Herald does'.


English is on, seeing as the arrogant clown is predicting a 3rd term landslide for National at yesterdays National conference, I'm surprised he's even bothering to appear on interviews.

Interesting question about SERCO.

Parker is on selling the Labour vision. He's fighting a good fight this weekend. He's doing better than he has all year. Sadly Cunliffe would have done better.

Panel is Ray Miller, Heather Roy and the great Matt McCarton.

Heather doesn't like the budget, Matt points out Labour and National believe in the same free market myths and points out that National are destroying young people by raising the pension while charging more for kiwisaver.

They all point out that cuts don't grow the economy. Great discussion on how student loans have created the incentive to leave for our students.

The reality however is that despite the damage National are causing NZ, the sleepy hobbits love him. Political polarization has reached American levels, it doesn't matter what Key does, National voters love him.

Peter Marshall is on defending the Urewera farce. He admits that there wasn't any actual target. He's using all the evidence that was thrown out and wasn't able to be used in the case.

What about the $14million cost Peter? What about the illegal spying your Police force engaged in? What about the over the top manner you raided a community with a long history of righteous grievance? What about just talking to key members in the so called conspiracy to pull this whole thing back? Why allow Key to visit the area 2 months earlier if there was such a violent threat? How come catapulting a bus onto George W Bush was considered a credible assassination attempt?

When will you be investigating Slater and Lusk's hunting parties Peter?

I've got a question Peter, the draft IPCA report that is DAMNING of your Police action (and which you are desperately attempting to smother and have changed), are you concerned that it will get released on line so that the differences between the draft and the official can be exposed?

I think the draft IPCA report into the Police handling of this should be sent to Wikileaks, are you concerned about that Peter?

He has all the smugness of the NZ Police defending and justifying their beatings of protestors during the Springbok tour.

Holmes brings up the good question of 'what they were doing', which is a bloody good question. Activists shouldn't touch guns. That doesn't justify the over reaction, but Jesus, how stupid to give the Police this excuse.

Flavel points out that a person caught 2 years ago with vastly more military weapons got a $5000 fine.

Heather Roy points out that when you give the state vast powers, there needs to be checks and balances. Ray points out they were watching for 18 months and that the NZ Police went on a fishing expedition and how can the Police Minister not know before the night before.

Very good show today. Well done Q+A.



At 27/5/12 12:39 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Heather Roy was making some interesting points about abuse of excessive state power. Luckily for the Left, ACT ignored her obvious intelligence and measured ways of discussing issues - and chose that nutbar, John Banks instead.

Thank the gods for that. She might actually have been capable of presenting "neolibalism with a human face" to the electorate... But luckily, ACT is run by fools, and the New Right agenda will continue to fall by the side...

Re, "The Nation" this morning. Thanks for the insights, Bomber. I was wondering why it seemed such a weird, disjointed episode this morning.

Re, "Q+A" - please bring back Greg Boyd.

Have you been following John Tamihere's "Think Tank"? Well worth a look.

At 28/5/12 12:25 am, Blogger Richard Christie said...

Marshall just dug the police a deeper hole, he even demanded others apologise for the fall out of this debacle.

He took an unbelievably arrogant position.

The man seems to have no clue how the police look to a great many of those who stand outside of their insular culture.

At 28/5/12 3:30 am, Blogger Tim said...

Agreed, agreed (@ Frank) .... bring back Greg Boyed - one of the few in TVNZ that has an appreciation of what PS Television is all about (amongst others that are on 7 ).
just an aside:
I note Tom Frewen?? shocked a Save TVNZ7 meeting the other night (was it Frewen? - Mediawatch has the details anyway). I suspect his motivation is really that TVNZ as an institution is fucked - incapable of understanding basic concepts of what PSB is all about.
What Save TVNZ7 should really be is Save TVNZ - i.e. by having a total cleanout of its management and quite a few of its foot soldiers with egos the size of a bus INCLUDING (with apologies to Trisha Dunleavey) whoever the helll it was that came to that Heartland deal. Handing the NZ public's intellectual property to Sky to make a profit on and undermining Freeview.
WHY are we even satisfied with the prospect of selling off TVNZ's physical assets? - which is what the gubbamint would/will do if they could/can get a reasonable price.
Peter Thompson has the right ideas about PSTV might be sustained in this country and I venture to suggest they wouldn't JUST dustain a 7, but a 6 in its old form too.
I realise any campaign needs focus but we should also be campaigning against SKY's dominance, the sweetheart deals, AND those within TVNZ that seem to think the organisation is there for their benefit rather than the NZ public. After all, it is still owned by us. NZ on Air needs a fucking shakedown as well! and maybe the easiest option all round is simply to apply a BBC Trust type model with or without different options for funding.


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