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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Need to throw the media off #DotcomGate? Declare war on none existent boat people!

If John Banks ridiculous attempts to insinuate he wasn't in a Homosexual relationship with Dotcom in a RadioLive interview late on Monday was considered a puerile and childish response to the serious allegations about him receiving donations that were supposed to anonymous...
Banks: "Are you saying that Dotcom's at SkyCity?"
RadioLive: "No, no - that you had donations to your mayoral campaign from SkyCity and two from Kim Dotcom."
Banks: "Oh, look, look, look, look, look, look, look [pause] this matter. I don't know if you're caught up with it ... I have never been to SkyCity with Dotcom."
RadioLive: "And what about donations to your campaign? Did you have a relationship with Kim Dotcom?"
Banks: "What's your relationship? This is offensive! He's a married man, what are you talking about?"
RadioLive: "[Laughs] Not a relationship like that."
Banks: "No, look I don't want to go down ... I've had no relationship with Dotcom - he's got a wife."
RadioLive: "Not like that, a business relationship."
Banks: [hangs up]
RadioLive: [calls back]
Banks: "Hello?"
RadioLive: "Hi, I was just wanting to clear up something, I wasn't meaning to ..."
Banks: "Just a minute, just a minute - I have never had a relationship with Dotcom, he is a married man. And I have not been to the SkyCity with the guy. So thanks for your time, thanks for your call."

...spare some contempt for John Key's response to suddenly declare war on a none existent boat people 'threat'.

In a ham fisted and clumsy attempt to distract the media from the #Dotcomgate feeding frenzy, the Government takes a leaf out of the Crosby/Textor attack politics rule book by launching a pointless crusade against the tens of thousands of boat people who are not trying to invade NZ every day of the week.

Flaying refugees works in Australia, it has little political capital here. It is dirty politics trying to enflame rednecks at a time National is getting a pasting for not standing Banks down.

While the #Dotcomgate feeding frenzy does dominate media attention, National aren't wasting a diversion with just another diversion, they are also sliding revelations that ACC were recorded and seemly lied about Brownyn Pullar's supposed threats and more Gen X crucifixion with lower student loan repayment thresholds under the news radar.

Just how the 500 000 NZers impacted by lower student loan repayment thresholds are also supposed to save for KiwiSaver and afford a house in a growing property bubble is the only thing Steven Joyce the hollow brain hasn't been able to explain.

Todays revelations that Banks lobbied for Dotcom's land and was feeding positive information back to him must be the final straw, as the brilliant Keith Ng points out, what on earth are are we waiting to stand Banks down, we can clearly see what has happened...

I think that if Banks can successfully deny the “thank you” call, then he can argue that he only solicited the donation, requested that the donation be split into anonymous $25k chunks, and received some anonymous donations in $25k chunks – but he had no way of knowing that the donation he got was the same donation that he solicited and was told he was going to get.

And therefore, they are anonymous donations and this is all technically not illegal.

And maybe it is.

But you know what? “Technically not illegal” is fine as a threshold for “not being thrown in jail”, but it is not fine as a threshold for “fit to hold public office making and executing laws”. This isn’t even about holding politicians to higher ethical standards – it’s about fundamental respect for their domain: the public and the law

...this is turning sceptic now, at some point Banks must be stood down and the count down for a by election to begin.

It ain't over till Dotcom sings.



At 2/5/12 10:57 am, Blogger Tim said...

These proposed immigration / 'boat people' changes ARE NOTHING MORE than an attempt to suck up to the Australians (and in particular John Key's desire to keep friendly with Jooolya)!
Nathan Guy let more slip than he thought on Checkpoint the other day despite his obfuscation (this has been going on apparently since 2010).

Don't be surprised when NZ becomes an Australian 'boat people' processing/mandatory detention centre!!!
Until that happens, prepare yourselves for the rhetoric: the "queue jumper / potential terrorist" bullshit that's been used to soften up people since the time of that 'racist prick' John Howard.

Let's hope Labour are monitoring it and one of the most right wing Australian Labor gubbamints of all time AND that they'll immediately repeal the proposed legislation when coming to power. If they don't state their opposition to it soon, it'll be the LAST time they ever get my vote.

At 2/5/12 4:26 pm, Blogger Tim said...

...oh, btw... isn't it funny how some pot-smoking bogan of mediocre intellect from the Kapiti Coast, anxious to gain respectability ends up being an MP who passes judgement on others seeking asylum.

At 2/5/12 10:44 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

John Campbell positively skewered Key today with regards to him not knowing anything about Dotcom, until a day before the police raid. You know it's getting bad when the media turns on you - especially a media that had been so in love with him up to now.


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