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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mojo working

Mojo Mathers, the first deaf NZ MP (Greens) at work. Her first Ministerial question.

From the twitstream:

Russel Norman ‏@RusselNorman

RT @mojomathers: Yay that milestone over.... Great job Mojo asking first question in the House

West Side Tory ‏@tauhenare
@RusselNorman @mojomathers it was very good and system seemed to cope as well.
Mojo Mathers ‏@mojomathers
@tauhenare @russelnorman that was mainly because the Minister spoke so clearly that I could lip read him so systems not tested fully!


At 23/5/12 10:03 am, Blogger Frank said...

Good on her! Well done!


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