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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Lusk & Slater conspiracy: The God & Guns Republicanization of the National Party

To paraphrase the Dark Knight - some Bloggers just want to see the world burn.

National Party had high-level concerns over member's influence
Confidential minutes of a National board meeting in March reveal high-level concerns over the influence of party member Simon Lusk in the party.

But Prime Minister John Key, who was absent from the board meeting, suggested he did not share that view: "I don't have any great concern."

Mr Lusk, who is based in the Hawkes Bay, has been a campaign strategist and adviser to MPs at various times and runs his own private candidates college that is not sanctioned by the party.

In an embarrassing leak, the March minutes have been obtained by Labour MP Trevor Mallard, who in the past has accused Mr Lusk of having orchestrated the Act leadership coup against Rodney Hide.

The minutes reveal that senior whip Michael Woodhouse reported to the board he had spoken to MPs with "an involvement" with Mr Lusk.

"He [Mr Woodhouse] has let them know that it is not appropriate for any MPs to engage with any alternative candidates' school that is not sanctioned by the party," the minutes said.

"He said this has been understood by all."

It also said Mr Woodhouse had had a"disturbing discussion" with Mr Lusk and that Mr Woodhouse believed that it highlighted Mr Lusk's motivations and "a very negative agenda for the party".

It seems the National Party hierarchy have only just clicked on an invasive ideological virus in their midst. Right wing black ops mercenary Simon Lusk and dirty deeds done dirt cheap blog smear assassin Cameron Slater have been quietly building an internal ideological faction to rise right wing populism to the peaks it requires to dominate MMP elections.

They want to go places with right wing philosophy that aren't mentioned at polite dinner parties. To this end Slater and Lusk have been running indoctrination camps for a new wave of grass root National candidates and it's the vivid level of Machiavellian machinations that this movement has gained within National that have suddenly spooked the liberal elements of the Party to have leaked a document as damaging as this.

This is beyond the Joyce faction against the Collins/Lusk/Whaleoil faction jockeying for leadership post Key, this is about one side of National wanting to unleash right wing populism that makes the other faction intellectually cringe.

So what is the Lusk/Whaleoil ideology? If you look at the manner in which Whaleoil now posts daily proverbs and appears on hard right Christian talkback to muck rake against Unions, the strategy isn't difficult to divine. They want to Republicanize National with populist right wing raw meat rhetoric. God, guns, climate denial, anti-Maori, anti-union, bennie bashing right wing morality will be served up with all the righteousness of a Fox News broadcast. Expect pro Police, death penalty type of law and order sentiments mixed with work for dole old testament posturing.

Lusk and Whaleoil want to popularize hard right ideology and use the fractures that causes in NZ to pick up the red neck vote they believe could create enough core voters to lean the Party permanently to the right, the way evangelical voters have done with the Republican Party. The equation gains traction with the rise of far right extremists in other democracies as political spectrums continue to splinter in the gloom of the economic global meltdown.

The last time a feral ideology attempted to take over the National Party and implement a secret right wing agenda was detailed under Don Brash in The Hollow Men. It showed that there were people working within Don's office who did all they could to expose that conspiracy to the rest of NZ. This current leak showing the shock of how negative the Collins/Lusk/Whaleoil agenda is shows that there are still people within National prepared to expose extremists for the good of the country.

We do everything casually in NZ and the sudden fear from inside National of becoming the host body for this type of casual fascism should be watched intently by every blogger, pundit and journalist in NZ.

There is much going on here that would chill progressive NZers. Expect an internal destabilization campaign aimed at National Party leaders opposed to the Lusk/Whaleoil agenda.



At 10/5/12 1:03 pm, Blogger Jasper said...

Well I hope Lusk keeps going and splits the party! Haha! Old school conservative poly's versus the new kids on the block business like neo-liberal fascist light weights! As the Jokers say's in the movie, "I just wanna see the whole world burn" haha! (something like that)

At 10/5/12 1:30 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Slater and Lusk have been running indoctrination camps for a new wave of grass root National candidates

Great comment Bomber.

I wonder if the Police could be persuaded to use the Terrorism Suppression Act on them?

At 10/5/12 3:51 pm, Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

How much did they pay you for this testimonial?

At 12/5/12 12:42 pm, Blogger Caleb said...

"Guns" is completely out of place here. NZ fundamentalist Christianity has absolutely nothing to do with the gun fetish infesting (religious and non-religious) Americans. (Trust me, I've spent a lot of my life in NZ fundamentalist Christianity.)

If it's going to be a choice between a conservative Christian right and a neo-liberal right I think I'd take the conservative side any time. My main worry is when 'conservative Christian' becomes equated with capitalist dogma as seems to be the case in the US, but less so here.

Colin Craig is an idiot but that means he comes up with seemingly inconsistent policies, many of which are not particularly right-wing economically - didn't he support a tax-free threshhold for the first $25,000 of income? (very similar to Mana policy). And his latest outburst about the contraception thing wasn't bennie bashing, it treated beneficiaries (actually, women in general, and to a lesser extent men) as rational human beings making decisions about their sex lives - just the wrong decisions in his opinion.

Anyway, if the fundamentalist right is growing and there's no stopping it, I'd rather it be at war with the neo-liberals instead of closely aligned as in the US.

It could stop the fundies getting too capitalist, and in fact it could even facilitate the awareness among evangelical Christians that the economic right wing is not the same thing as a Christian politics and in many ways quite dramatically opposed... I've seen it happen quite a lot - it happened to me for example. I definitely have more hope for fundamentalist Christians developing a liberating/egalitarian politics than neo-liberals.


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