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Thursday, May 03, 2012

The latest Dotcomgate scandal - flashy hotels booked dirt cheap?

So John Banks can't remember asking Dotcom to split a $50 000 donation, can't remember calling Dotcom to thank him, can't remember a helicopter ride to the richest mansion in the county, can't remember lobbying for Dotcom's land, can't remember updating Dotcom on his land lobbying, and NOW can't remember Dotcom getting Banks a cushy hotel rate?

A trip to remember, at a good price
Act leader John Banks last night released a hotel invoice to attack claims he got a discounted deal in Kim Dotcom's favourite Hong Kong hotel - and showed a room rate about half of the current quoted cost.

How can someone with the memory capacity of an Alzheimer's suffer be allowed to be a Minister of the Crown?

How much longer can this wounded, corrupt fiasco be made to drag along? iPredict are now predicting a by election in Epsom and that John Banks AND Maurice Williamson will be stood down by the end of this month.

When ACT leaning NBR readers don't believe in John Banks any longer, it is over for the right.

The full ramifications of Banks going down are only starting to sink in as this story still unravels. A by election and the loss of two Ministers is a bad month for any Government.

Events dear boy, events.

It ain't over till Dotcom sings.



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Bomber ! Brilliant !


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