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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Labour Party leadership question date set

Labour looks to give party faithful power to oust leader
The Labour Party is considering a major change in the way it elects its leader to allow party members to force a handover of power through a no-confidence vote, or to block an attempt by caucus to roll the leader.

Those changes as to how the leader of the Labour Party are supposed to kick in around November, meaning the date for the Labour Party leadership question has now been set.

If the 'new blood' putsch by Robertson and Ardern is to have a shot at leadership, it will be before this change comes into effect as neither have the wider party support required, however if it does pass and Labour are still languishing in the polls, the 'True Labour' movement by Cunliffe will be ready to challenge over 2012/2013.

Currently Labour are going up in the polls despite Shearer, not because of him.

That all said, there is still a movement within the Anyone But Cunliffe clique to stop these changes occurring, as Robert Winter found out, the mentality amongst the ABC clique is part of the reason why Labour don't have a leader ready to beat Key yet. This group have been quietly maneuvering to either water the recommendations down or most likely put the changes off until November 2013 which would cauterize any leadership challenge. The ABC won't allow Cunliffe to drag the Party as far to the left as he wants because of deals with the devil they've already committed to for their post MP careers within the establishment.

If the changes are put off until 2013, Shearer stays on as leader and right wing pundits like Fran O'Sullivan, David Farrar and the NZ Herald editorial team will continue to applaud him right up until Key wins a third term.

Fascinating times ahead for Labour.



At 12/5/12 1:49 pm, Blogger Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

I have said before online that David Cunliffe doesn't deserve another opportunity to lead the Labour Party, because he and others did not support Phil Goff and Labour getting elected. Whats this real Labour BS? Do they really know what real Labour is? Read some Norm kirk history and find out!!

At 12/5/12 2:26 pm, Blogger Alex said...

Of course, the Greens have been giving their members a say in who should be leader every single year at the AGM. The Labour caucus is completely out of touch because they have no need to listen to their members.


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