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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Key attacks media, then denies he attacked the media

Key denies slamming NZ media Prime Minister John Key has denied criticising the media, despite earlier accusing it of becoming more aggressive, hostile, and antagonistic towards his Government.

Is he drunk? Key attacks the media over their criticism of his bullshit ill thought out policies (note, the media attacked NOT because his bullshit ill thought policies are bullshit and ill thought out but because they just do this after two terms) AND THEN after shitting all over the NZ Herald on ZB with that most rabid right wing red neck muppet Leighton Smith, Key then pops up at his afternoon press conference to declare that he hadn't attacked the NZ Herald?????

Um, yes you did John, here's the link to you attacking the NZ Herald, he's speaking out both sides of his smile.

And lets's be clear - attacking the National Party cheerleading team like the NZ Herald for being unfair to Key???

John Key accusing the NZ Herald of bias against him is like George W. Bush attacking Fox News for being left wing pinkos pushing the gay liberal agenda.

The reason newspapers as supportive as the Herald are criticizing John is because John is wrong, our multi-millionaire king has mistaken us for serfs and peasants who must avert their gaze as he passes.

Attacking the media and then denying that he attacked it is embarrassing, and I'm sure the SST was added was because or their incredible expose last weekend into the secret wheelings and dealings of Key.

This ridiculous situation highlights the new polarization culture. Key will increasingly stick to media as far to the right as possible so expect him on ZB and Radio Sport as much as possible, the range of policies released show National have given up on the center ground and are just playing to their redneck rump.

A tabloid Prime Minister accusing a newspaper of being tabloid? Priceless.



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