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Monday, May 14, 2012

The fascinating double standards of John Key's phone etiquette

Key's phone call over recording
Prime Minister John Key personally phoned Solicitor General David Collins to pass on his gratitude for work on the so-called teapot tape case, two days before the election.

The Solicitor General's office is meant to be kept strictly independent from all political influence.

However, an email obtained under the Official Information Act showed Collins wrote to an unnamed counsel saying: "The PM phoned this morning and asked me to pass on to you his personal thanks for your work on Ambrose. He was very complimentary notwithstanding my attempts to say you were just doing your jobs! Well done. D "

Hold on, what? Our PM will personally phone the Solicitor General David Collins to personally thank him for bullying the media with the cops over the joke Epsom Tea Party fiasco, yet won't ring John Banks directly to ask if he knew about the Kim Dotcom donations?

Isn't that a fascinating double standards in regards to our Prime Ministers phone etiquette?



At 14/5/12 1:26 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

... and then David Collins gets made a High Court judge like all the other ones - elevated supposedly to a level where no politician can criticise them. The problem? It's the system stupid!

At 14/5/12 5:48 pm, Blogger Paul said...

Sleaze, Slime, Smarm, Grease, Greaser, Master-of-the-Universe, Untouchable, Slippery-Dick, Used Car Salesman, Liar, Deceiver, Philistine, Narcissist....Wouldn't be so bad if the guy actually DID have a degree of intelligence (as opposed to animal cunning) and Charisma, which was what was claimed in 2008. What John Key actually has is Krizma.
Talk about the big con!. mmmm Thinking about it, there's a book by that name isn't there? I think written during the last phase the slippery dicks came to prominence.


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