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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Dead Cat Bounce: NZ International Comedy Festival 2012

In my last review of the 5 star preview, I completely forgot to review the last act, Irish comedy rock band - Dead Cat Bounce. The term refers to the jump in a market the day after a large scale sell off, very appropriate for the Irish market at the moment.

I left them off out of absent mindedness, their gig was a couple of songs long and didn't make much of an impression on the preview night, but I was willing to give them a second chance and it was at the lovely Q Theatre on Queen street, so the pros out weighed the cons.

Thank Christ.

In terms of the comedy musical genre, Flight of the Concords have set an incredibly high benchmark, but Dead Cat Bounce get to own their own chapter, they were hilarious. "I'm not a kayak instructer', 'Christians in love' and 'Australia Boarder control' were the funniest things I've heard in a long time, the CD is definitely worth buying.

This is a very funny night out and well worth a punt.

Mixed between songs were comedy drumming demonstrations and I spilled my beer laughing at the sudden breaking into African dancing. I'm so glad I gave this a shot, Dead Cat Bounce are a festival highlight.

4 and a half stars.



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