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Friday, May 18, 2012

Citizen A online NOW - Phil Twyford & Phoebe Fletcher

Issue 1: John Key attacks the media and then says he didn't attack the media, legitimate concerns about the fourth estate or the need to get prescription cost increases, union bashing and Teacher basing out of the headlines?

Issue 2: Paula Bennett has announced a new board of business people to evaluate welfare reforms. What do we pay Paula for and why are they only business people?  

and issue 3: Did the revelations in the Sunday Star Times last weekend of how involved John Key was with the 'financial services hub' idea concern anyone else?

Citizen A broadcasts 7pm Thursday Triangle TV



At 18/5/12 2:00 pm, Blogger MPledger said...

What products do affco make?

Avoiding buying affco products is the easiest way to show support for the locked out workers.

At 18/5/12 7:59 pm, Blogger Tim said...

........yes............pardon my ignoramity but is there a Tally's and Affco link?
I'm just thinking of the beneficiary's need to provide the 5-veg-a-day option to whanau.
If Tally's are part of the cnut empire, then I'll have the bashed-bennies I know opt for Pam.
A post like this must bring back memories for the likes of that 'struggling Pulla Bent' in her heyday aye? (NOT)

Taken advantage of every possible benefit and add-on, expert on the indigent cos "she's been there/done that" (aye), now with a Divine Right to moeralise about others in tight spot.

Fuck the woman's an abomination (Aye....Oi?).

Ripe for an affair with Jonkey maybe. Ick

At 18/5/12 10:42 pm, Blogger Phil said...

JK and Financial hub did concern me. That's two.

At 19/5/12 4:52 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

These links pretty much explain it all . Thanks @ ' No Smirkpox ' .




On the subject of Paula Bennett . I think she's hot ! She's a fucking hot uber babe and I'd like to go around and around and around with that fine piece of 100% pure NZ girl flesh . I just love that no neck look in a woman . I lust after her big meaty calf muscles , just the thing to satisfy my fetish for steroid enhanced Russian weight lifters . And her strong heavy shoulders ! Boy , they can really hold a bra ... and two buckets of gravel and cement ... and the cement mixer ... and the three blokes needed to spread it . How about her butt ? I like the look of two fresian cows floundering in a bog wrapped in a tarpoulin . And her sharp , meat eating teeth , her glittering little eyes ... She just oozes love and compassion , you can tell by the way she strides , pummeling her high heels into the footpath as if grinding out the eyes of the very dirty , filthy , bennies she's paid , by us , to care for .
Oh ! While we're on the subject of hate , check out a report by David Fisher and published today in the Otago Daily Times with it's roots in The NZ Herald and I quote ' Maori ' full or crime and welfare ' , Act NZ donor says '. Mr Crimp [ donor ] . You are something else and by that , you are something other than human . You may be worth millions and that's the best part . You're quite worthless as a result of it . You're ilk are doomed to extinction and you will be laughed at and pitied by future generations . That will be your legacy . I'm ashamed you're a fellow Southlander and white to boot .


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