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Saturday, May 12, 2012

And now, forced vaccination of beneficiaries & never ending detention - this week has been red neck heaven

Benefits may be linked to kids' jabs
The Government is considering requiring beneficiaries to immunise their children.

The visceral, snarling hatred unleashed by National's bennie bashing dog horn (which has conveniently drowned out negative economic news) is a reminder that National's rump support base have a far deeper crimson to their necks than is currently being sated by National's welfare agenda.

Rump National want all benefits stopped, work-for-dole employment schemes and curfew for solo mothers after sun down.

The rise of the Conservative Party and the economic pressure of the recession is brewing a dark mix in NZ's right. This is evidenced by some of the jaw dropping bigotry and ignorance on display in blog comments, Facebook comments, tailback and letters to the editor. Here's a comment posted here last night...

Many DPB recipients have never earned a dollar in their pathetic lives....so don't try and claim they have "contributed" anywhere near what their lax breeding habits cost the rest of us in upkeep. A long term contraceptive jab in their flabby arse's and naming the Father as condition's of receiving the benefit would be a fantastic start.

...for the angry red neck talk-hate electorate of NZ, public floggings for beneficiaries is a starting point.

Take the decision by Crusher Collins to push legislation that will create permanent detention. This will be aimed at sex offenders who haven't admitted their guilt and therefore haven't received any rehabilitation. They serve their full sentence minus any rehabilitation whatsoever and the Government now want to build permanent flats to house these types of prisoners. Rather than remove the need for prisoners to admit guilt before rehabilitation, this Government simply wants to implement permanent detention beyond the prison sentence a prisoner has been sentenced to.

Imagine the horror situation of a false imprisonment and no means to ever be released unless you plead guilt?

None of these qualitative criticism of such knee jerk tough on crime measures are asked in the lynch mob scramble to bray for longer and harder sentences. The private prison who will be handed eternal prisoners will be dancing a jig all the way to their share holders.

The far right are rising in Europe because of the economic depression and with 6.7% unemployment, the same pressures are at work in NZ. National wants to appeal to the bigotry of their rump vote to fend off the challenge from the Conservative Party. Which brings us to todays announcement of forced vaccinations for beneficiaries.

National need to keep media focus off their economic mismanagement and bennie bashing can divert attention, so after the success of contraceptives to promiscuous solo mums and their daughters, National ponder another piece of raw meat policy.

Like free contraceptives, vaccinations are justifications so grand they allow bigots to climb onto their high horses and audaciously lecture the left on how ideology is blinding their criticisms.

Let's be clear, contraception should be free to everyone, and so should vaccinations. But that's not what is happening here, this is aimed at a much maligned group in society over reproduction and vaccination issues which should be dealt with by their doctors or GP's. Forcing WINZ officers into discussing these personal issues with beneficiaries is unacceptable to the WINZ workers and to the beneficiaries.

How compulsive do we want to get? Any social ill can be cured if you force people to do things. These policy aren't aimed at all, just the weakest and most vulnerable members of society. Is that the level of compulsion we really want from the NZ state on issues as intrinsically linked to the individual?

I love how NZ almost started a coup against the Labour Party's compulsion over power saving light bulbs, yet compulsory vaccination is okay? Isn't it fascinating that forcing a NZer to buy power saving lightbulbs is a compulsion that must be fought to the death, compulsory vaccinations for the poor? Jab the lazy bludger and wrap em in condoms.

This week has been red neck heaven. Crosby/Textor should have earned their bonus this month.



At 12/5/12 8:18 pm, Blogger Greenies said...

It is crazy what is going on in this country at the moment. No student allowances for post-grad students, forced vaccinations for beneficiaries, contraception for beneficiaries, we are not far from forced sterilization of the poor, controlled breeding or eugenics. The poor are the new indigenous peoples of the world, the new target to justify the current economic and political disaster and yet another distraction from the truth. The truth being that it is the capitalist economic system that creates poverty, the poor are poor because of this system they are not responsible for its failings. A system that benefits bankers and corporations who have more and more control over money, food, healthcare, the media, energy, and governments (just to name a few) in the world than most people understand. Their social engineering and propaganda has worked so effectively that we now control each other and we are so self consumed and so divided about beliefs about race, sex, religious affiliation, political affiliation, sexual orientation, class, etc that we are unable to mobilize against the system, exactly what they want. This is what you call divide and conquer. The real villains are going to continue to get away with enslaving and brainwashing entire populations while stealing from them because we are so busy blaming each other for the way things are that we cant see the truth. We are a culture of blinded bigoted idiots. The reference in this blog post quoting the opinion of one such individual makes me ashamed to be a New Zealander.

At 12/5/12 8:18 pm, Blogger Greenies said...

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At 13/5/12 12:58 pm, Blogger Frank said...

It's an unfortunate reality that every nation on this planet - including former Soviet republics - have far right, quasi-nazi individuals for whom demonisation of a group is their lazy intellectual means to address critical social problems. (Problems like unemployment, poverty, etc.)

The difference between a left-wing government and a right wing government such as National is that the latter gives "permission" for these right wing nutjobs to be more open in their bigotry. National allows bigotry to become socially acceptable.

The question is, how much of this Hate Ideology will be permissable before it becomes to much for the Middle Classes to stomach? At which point the Nats will have to pullback.

But in the meantime, they will have accomplished their mission; to draw attention away from poor economic performance, growing poverty and unemployment, more and more New Zealanders heading overseas, and scandal after scandal rocking Key's administration.

Interesting thing though; from a purely detached, unemotional position, it is interesting to witness, firsthand, how the rise of the far right and other extremist groups occurred in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s.

Of course, it could never happen here.

Anyone for a Destiny march, with black-shirted men, yelling slogans and punching the air with clenched-fist salutes?


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