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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's holding up IPCA report into Police actions over Urewera terrorism trial?

Where oh where could that IPCA report into Police conduct during the Urewera 'terrorism' case have gotten to? Why hasn't it been released yet? The rumors circulating is that the Independent Police Conduct Authority's report into Police conduct is damning and the powers that be are scrambling with a containment strategy to try and deal with the withering criticism levelled by the IPCA at the Police.

The squirming the report has caused behind the scenes promises a media feeding frenzy once the report is inevitably released. The clock is ticking.



At 12/4/12 7:05 pm, Blogger DebsisDead said...

The usual way of dealing with these matters is to for the govt to keep sending the report back to its authors for a rewrite. That way if anyone on IPCA gets the shits and leaks the thing the leak will be derided as a 'preliminary draft'. The neccessity of IPCA to convene a full meeting of the panel every time the report is 'redrafted' will allow the thing to stretch out for months.

We all know what happens then. The report is released along with 5 or 6 other 'best not considered by the citizens' embarassments in the two weeks before Xmas.
Even if journos aren't too distracted by the previous or forthcoming xmas party aka float the back teeth in public relations consultants booze, to cover the report properly; most citizens will be too distracted by the possibility of a few days rest from the grindstone to absorb it.

Then, the next year when peeps are ready to deal with the matter, the whole affair will get dismissed as 'old news'.

Easy eh? Happens every year; the coppers are perennial players in this ploy that most other public bodies only resort to once or twice a decade.

Private enterprise does it too of course. There was no one around to ask the owners of triangle/stratos if murdoch had paid them off when they closed down without any notice last Xmas.
Every year since I've been back here living in this walking death joint, I have pointed out to various peeps how we have been played for mugs again this xmas, and every year the zombies' eyes just glaze over a little more while they ask me it I want red or white, foreign or local, irish or scotch.

At 13/4/12 9:04 am, Blogger Keeping Stock said...

At a guess, they're waiting for sentencing of the remaining defendants. Technically speaking the case is still before the Courts.


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