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Friday, April 20, 2012

Warner Bros announce new film in NZ starring John Key

We changed our law for Warner Bros and we'll do it again for Sky City. From 'One law to rule them all. One law to find them. One law based on crony capitalism and who is mates with John Key and in the darkness bind them' to suave self-advising wheeler dealers, Warner Bros and Sky City join forces to present a project so astounding in its self-advised audacity, it has to be seen to be believed.

The country that writes laws for a wink and nudge brings the latest in blockbuster entertainment, John Key in Casino Key.

007 never looked so double oh corrupt.



At 20/4/12 10:21 am, Blogger ladycharm said...

When R the people of this country going to wake up, Keys has the keys on them, yes sir

At 20/4/12 8:32 pm, Blogger Richard Christie said...

"in the darkness bind them" perhaps "in the backrooms bind them" but I guess it's essentially the same.

At 21/4/12 5:20 pm, Blogger ladycharm said...

NO Richard It's not the same, the people don't need to be lead like sheep, or do they, you see i am an Australian


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