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Monday, April 16, 2012


The base units of standard domestic goods and services spirals - pretty much as I predicted. After they got rid of the 5c piece the loaf of bread, the newspaper, the pint of milk and the bus fare was locked into massive relative increases. It was announced the price of standard postage would go up almost 20% this month. The jumps are now 10c instead of 5c and are already contributing to inflation pressure.

NZ Herald: Bus, train and ferry fares are set to increase by up to 90 cents in Auckland.

Auckland Transport today said its annual review of fares had found prices had not kept pace with cost increases throughout the city.

Public transport operations manager Mark Lambert said some bus, ferry and rail fares would increase between 10 cents and 90 cents from April 29.

Train users will be hit hardest, with prices for one to four stage tickets set to rise by 20c each.

A seven-stage ticket - the equivalent of a trip from Britomart to Waitakere - will go up 90c to $9.80, and six stage tickets will rise 70 cents to $7.90.

And as usual there is only a fortnight warning so people can't plan to change to other modes.

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At 16/4/12 7:14 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

This is EXACTLY the result of the neo-Keynesian free lunch utopia that Bomber especially continually advocates on Tumeke! Every time the Government prints a 10% deficit, the denominator in the number of units of currency that circulates in the economy, which must by definition be exactly equal to GDP, is increased by 10%. This means that every unit of currency buys 10% less. And now we are meant to be outraged and annoyed this inflation is happening? Everyone really needs to take a course in economics 101. "Free" Government cheese is only sustainable in a world where unicorns that shit pretty coloured candies exist. Last time I checked I did not see any of these wonderful unicorns anywhere.


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