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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TV set, remote control.

NZ Herald:
Sky Television chief executive John Fellet is confident its pay Igloo TV joint venture with Television New Zealand will start in May or June, despite a Commerce Commission investigation into the way it was set up.

Amid increasingly vocal criticism of Sky TV with the arrival of a new competitor on the pay TV market - Quickflix - Fellet says the launch will go ahead as planned. But the joint venture has come at a pivotal time in the market when critics of Sky's dominant role are becoming more vocal.

So let's get vocal then. The anti-competitive behaviour of the big players in TV is actually getting worse. The Freeview model has been deliberately hamstrung by the big boys to keep their pay operations going - in fact they have sabotaged Freeview. Sadly TVNZ is abetting Sky to achieve less choice and impose more costs on consumers. The government - and in particular the National government - has allowed Sky to do this and has encouraged TVNZ to build a duopoly with Sky.

This year the analogue TV transmission starts to be phased out. We will be left with Freeview. The silly ad campaign hypes it like it has as many channels as Sky, but the channels they carry are dwindling - from not many, to fuck all.

TVNZ has kept the best of its heritage content on Sky and off Freeview. TVNZ is going to pull the plug on the TVNZ7 channel and rumours are it will be leased to the Briscoes group(!) for wall-to-wall infomercials. Stratos has had to pull out of Freeview:

The switchover to digital does not have provision for that type of TV (unless one is able to purchase the frequency - a commercially improbability in Auckland for non-commercial stations), so the long term future of Triangle is also in doubt when analogue switch off happens in December 2013.

The Freeview hype is looking more like hypocrisy.

NZ Herald:
But Government ministers strongly backed Sky TV.

Both Communications and ICT Minister Amy Adams and her predecessor, Steven Joyce, have praised Sky TV - and both insist they see no need to regulate pay TV.
The arrival of Quickflix signals the days of unchallenged dominance may be over. The Government remains resolutely hands-off Sky, but it is still not clear whether the Commerce Commission will delve into the workings of a market Dr Freeth says is dysfunctional, but the Government says is working well.

As well as the Commerce Commission inquiry into Igloo, Sky is facing two other developments.

The first is a report by Telecommunications Commissioner Dr Ross Patterson on a study of the new Ultra Fast Broadband - the draft of which will be published on May 25.
The second is whether there are any barriers to uptake, such as content.

The Igloo (Sky Jr. teaser) concept is premised on Freeview remaining as weak as possible, offering as little content as possible. This is why TVNZ is removing channels from Freeview and why the government is hostile to smaller players like Triangle staying on the platform. The future they envisage is fee TV not free TV.


At 18/4/12 10:38 am, Blogger Tim said...

Do any gubbamint Minstas of da Kreearn have shares (directly or indirectly) in Skoi?
Here we go again (Maurice Williamson/Telecom).
Problem is that the culture in TVNZ (as being a PSB) has been totally fcked).
It'll actually take a change in government for anything to change - at which time the hope is there'll be an exodus of *stars* and *TVNZ prima donas* offshore.
The sensible ones left a long long time ago.
Hypocracy abounds in that organisation. I mean....Bill Ralston for a start - anyone else remeber him raving on about "STATE TV", then joining up to take full advantage of all the treats and trinkets it could offer him!. How about that gnome!
But YES...total programme of undermining Freeview from gubbamint Minstas and ego-laden TVNZ management for years.
They even managed to con one or two academics for a while over that "Heartland" deal. It's a shame those academics wanted t see the best in people when in reality they were all about feeding the ego duck.

At 18/4/12 1:30 pm, Blogger fatty said...

I gave up on my TV last year...unplugged it and I've only pulled it out since for the election day coverage.
I just use the internet, have access to far more things than our inbred pay-shitloads-per-view 'service'could ever deliver me.
Even the few NZ programmes that I used to watch (TVNZ7) I can still view online.
I get my news from blogs now. Far more accurate, far quicker and more truthful.
TV 1&2 could not be more pathetic if they tried.

At 18/4/12 1:51 pm, Blogger Phil said...

I tort I wuz th ownlee edukated wun thut hud wurked thus oot. Ma b jist u n mee? Thunk U fur thut.


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