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Monday, April 16, 2012

Tumeke Question of the Day: Who is feeding the whale?

iPredict have opened stock on who leaked to whale oil. When I am asked, as I often am, 'who is feeding the whale' I like to point out the interesting historical alignment of opinions on Whale Oil's blog with a certain female PR practitioner's client list.

I find it extraordinary that this same female PR practitioner's company was working for PoAL when Slater's attacks on the Ports started and now they are working for AFFCO right when Slater starts claiming evidence of fraud by the meat workers union.

Coincidence? The market doesn't think so, it's trading a 73% probability that a consultant or contractor working for PoAL leaked the information to whale oil. At some point some one in the mainstream media will start putting two and two together.



At 16/4/12 4:05 pm, Blogger H Stewart said...

What a fucking pointless post. Put up or shut up alternatively make it possible to verify via google etc without having to go on a fucking fishing expedition. Hey even try linking.

I can't even give you the benefit of the doubt for this effort.

At 16/4/12 4:21 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Do Not Feed The Whales!

At 16/4/12 6:16 pm, Blogger CosmicRocketCultivator said...

Well and good. Life is fun when you are on top. The blubbering terrorist will terrorise us all with bizarre spin and the mighty selected blessed following. Madness and idolatry of the ignis fatuus can only lead to the conclusion that we all drop our guts/cut the cheese/release the behemouth from within. How strange be that creature from the desert who lives high and has no time for the fallen of this world. Crud and dribble to that. The blind leading the blind. Here,have some of my bread baked from Budget Brand flour , sorry , I can't afford the fish , and divide it up so it multiplies and feeds the masses. All good...see you tomorrow.

At 17/4/12 12:24 am, Blogger Alex said...

Okay this is actually getting kind of annoying, thats twice now that Bomber has insinuated a story without naming names, instead giving only vague job details and innuendo. The first time was when he discussed the new Labour 'fish and chips club'. We aren't all in the beltway loop you know.


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