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Monday, April 16, 2012

Tumeke Question of the Day: Phil Goff for Auckland Super City Mayoralty?

Here's a thought. With Len being savaged over the PoAL dispute and a growing feeling that the mayors Office is horribly underfunded in terms of strategic political vision (a $3.5 million budget for an office responsible for 30% of the country is a god damned joke!), maybe Aucklanders will turn to one of their trusted sons to bring a mana to the Mayors office that they match with competence and intellect, what if Phil Goff ran for Mayor of Auckland?

Lianne Dalziel is likely to run and win Christchurch and as NZers get more and more disenchanted with the Key Government, strong Labour candidates should be considering running for local office. The Super City needs urgent re-writes and a new relationship with central Government, who better to forge that than someone with a level of central Government seniority like Goff?

Phil's future is either Foreign Affairs Minister (again) in 2014 with a change of Government, Ambassador to China or ... Mayor of Auckland SuperCity?



At 16/4/12 1:33 pm, Blogger Chris Trotter said...

So, one Labour Party member of conservative provenance will be replaced as Mayor of Auckland by another Labour Party member of conservative provenance.

Excuse my dimwittedness, but I don't see how we'd be any further ahead?

At 16/4/12 4:31 pm, Blogger MPledger said...

Surely, Phil Goff can aim higher.

At 16/4/12 5:54 pm, Blogger CosmicRocketCultivator said...

Leave the dim wit at home.You are excused. Only the brave and stupid take on the status quo.Next in line will give it a go. You know the old saying.It's all about participating,not winning or losing. Oh...sorry. Wrong demographic group. Okay,moving right along. Next idea? We are fuct!

At 16/4/12 9:29 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Phil (Student Loans) Goff for Auckland Mayor?
Like Fuck!
But then who knows..Labour replaced one right wing (oh I'm not like that anymore) er, with another that wants to shift right.
So who knows....
Labour always did have a habit of regularly shooting itself in the foot
Helen broke the habit for a couple of terms, then got complacent.
What the fuck is the matter with Labour?
Are they only capable of trying to emulate their facist trans-tasman counterparts?
Fucking pathetic (and sad) when all things considered!
It's getting to the stage where their staunchest, AND longest term supporters are ditching them.
But back to the Q
Goff for Mayor? Does Auckland really want to self destruct?
Do bears shit in the woods?


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